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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Wonderful World of Journals

There's lots of journals being created 
in Blogland and I happened into this 
"Journal World" 
when Wanda Buxton 
Roses in Winter
sent this gorgeous journal to me.

The fabric and lace she used was so 
beautiful and the colors were perfect 
for my home! 

Little pockets are filled with 
small delights...

 and treasures! 

Ooh-la-la's galore!

Thank you Wanda for such an 
incredible work of art!!  
Visit Wanda's Etsy to see her 
lovely creations
Rosesinwinter?ref=em .


Wanda & I were doing kind of a 
journal swap so here is a couple pics 
of what I created for Wanda. 
This was my very first journal and I 
wasn't all together sure how to go 
about making a journal. 

I had a lot of fun though and I think 
Wanda liked it. I used some great 
silhouettes I found for my theme and 
the ideas grew from there.

As you can see I used fabric, lots of 
lace & trims and many pretty scrapbook 
papers. I really had fun making this! 

My longtime friend, Cheryle saw Wanda's 
journal and wanted one for herself too. 
So I found this darling tea themed fabric 
for the cover of Cheryle's.

Cheryle has a special love for the 
"High Fashion" scrapbook papers that 
are on the market now so that became 
my interior theme for the journal. 

I added some paper dolls and 
special treasures to make it complete.

And of course, Cheryle loved it!

Now you don't think I'd leave out my 
adopted Sis "Edie" do you? 

I made a fairy book journal for 
"Edie" to put pics of her little 
"Sweetie Girls" in. I included a 
pic of the oldest grand in the front. 

This fairy paper was perfect for 
what I had in mind... 

with lace pockets for paper treasures... 

a glittery peacock bookmark...

a paper dolly...

special swan note papers...

a beautiful fairy paper doll... 

and a special place for a pic of 
the littlest grand! 

 ~ Marie ~

Oh Marie, I ADORE the journal you 
made for me!! It is so gorgeous! I 
have a very special place now to add some 
pics of my granddaughters. The lace you 
used is incredibly beautiful and the papers 
inside are so perfect for little girls. 
Thank you Sis for such a lovely work 
of art!  ~ Edie ~

Now back at ya Sis! 
This is my first attempt at a journal too 
so I used what I know best... 
paper, stamps, stickers and some images 
courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. 
(gotta love that gal) 

An "M" for 
my Queen Marie Antionette!

A place to count the peacock chicks 
as they hatch! 

Everyone needs to write down their 
"Happy Thoughts"...

and inspirational words for creating.

I couldn't leave out Marie's 
"Busy Bees"! 

Plus little memory photos to 
pull out of the two of us.

I loved making this little journal 
for you Marie! Enjoy!!  ~ Edie ~

(This post is a collaboration of Marie & Edie.)

We'd like to give a special note 
of thanks to Rhonda of 
Rhonda has the most gorgeous 
images to use in crafting and 
creations of all types!! 
Please stop by to see her when you 
have a chance and let us know if 
you don't just love her wares! 

Until we meet again...
love and blessings to all of you! 

Marie & "Edie"


  1. Oh you gals are so creative! I really like the use of fabrics in these journals. I think it holds up much better than paper alone.

  2. Hi Marie and Edie... oooh, those journals are so pretty!!! I wish I knew how to make one... I love how you each made a very special one for each other... what treasures!... dear Marie, I so hope you are feeling better... I have emailed you, but I know you are resting and also it sounds like you are very busy now... you are always in my thoughts!... I love that the two of you are blogging together now... it makes it double the fun!... much love to you both, xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Sherry Dearest, you outdid yourself again!!!
    Maybe I'll be able to help you on the next post.
    And both of us want to make sure ya'll visit Roses in Winter and Rhonda's Originals.
    For my next Theater Doll ...I'll be using one of the many gorgeous digital prints that I got from Rhonda.
    Just a will involve peacocks.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antionette

  4. Hi Marie Antionette and Edie,

    Lovely to hear from you again and what fun that you and Edie are blogging together.
    The journals are all so beautiful and I love what you have done with them.

    Wishing you a happy day

  5. Good Morning Girls~~~

    I so love all the journals. Marie your swap with Wanda is just gorgeous. I was in a summer roses swap with Wanda a couple years ago and I know her talents are amazing. She designed you a lovely journal with awesome details.

    Marie your journal in return to Wanda is awesome too. You create the most beautiful treasures with your talents and I always love the details you include. And, your gorgeous journal for Edie is simply beautiful. I love that you included places for the grands and all the special notes you can add in for remembrance. Edie is one talented girly and has such an eye for beauty.

    Edie you also made a wonderful journal for Marie. My goodness the eye candy here this morning. I love your papers and the details give such creative inspiration. Now I want to make one. You are one creative and talented artist my friend.

    Thank you Marie and Edie for stopping by with your kind comments. You both are such a blessing to me and your kind words over the last month and more have really lifted me so. Life is so different without my "Golden Girl" going to work in the studio with me, but I am moving forward and thankful for the time I had with her although short.

    Wishing you girls a great weekend and holiday ahead. I know we have a birthday girl among us and Marie I wish you a special day and hope you are feeling better and healing each day.
    Prayers continue and sending love to you both.

  6. Hi Marie Antionette!

    So nice to hear from you again and what fun that you're blogging again!

    The journals are so lovely - I love what you have done with them.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  7. Those journals are wonderful! If I wasn't into a 100 other things, I just might attempt making one - may anyway! Love you sweety!