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Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Theater Dolls in The Knights of Columbus Art Show

Recently my Theater Dolls had the 
honor of being in a local art show. 
It was an exciting event for me to 
be a part of! 
I was entered into the 3D category and 
The experience was a fun one.   

I had 3 dolls entered

My Ballet Doll

The Baroque Doll 

 and Madelyn the Christmas Doll.

It was fascinating seeing all the different 
types of art in the show. 

I took some quick snapshots of 
the show.

This is the prize winner in the 
3d catagory that I was a part of. 
These were handmade vintage 
Christening Gowns. Very beautiful.   

The all around prize winner of the show 
was for the painting you see of the Jazz 

There were lots of interesting entries.

Many different styles of art. 

A really exciting thing happened 
at the show. 
 A lady walked up to 
me and said "Well looks like you've 
taken the prize of "the most sold" today". 
I said "What do you mean?" 
She said "You sold all three of your 
dolls... to the same buyer
I was in total shock, I didn't have a clue. 
  She said "AND she's a doll collector and 
has over 3000 dolls. Once she likes your 
dolls she becomes a repeat buyer." 
Once again in total shock.
I was introduced to the buyer 
and she wanted to come home with me 
 and see my other dolls. 
(Thank God I keep the house tidy!)

So she came and browsed through my 
studio and spotted some things for 
future purchases. 
I looked at her hubby at one point and 
said quietly "I'm sorry", in a kidding way. 
He replied "That's okay, I'll just build 
around them!" What a sweet thing to say
It was lots of fun being a part of a
art show and meeting new people.  

I've also had a recent sale of one of my 
paper peacocks... 

          to a gal that wanted to transform it 
into a mask. 

She sent me some photos of what she created.

 Amazing isn't it? 

 What a creative artsy costume!

     They make a lovely couple! 
Hope she won a prize for BEST MASK 

Well that's all from my little studio 
for now. 

Remember the HOLIDAYS are FAST 
approaching and we have some 
fine Etsy Shops on our sidebar for 
you to click on and browse. 
You might find that perfect gift that 
everyone will "Oooo and Aaaah" over!

Hope you're having a wonderful Fall.   

Love you all! 
Marie xoxo    

PS Hellos and blessings from "Edie" (Sherry)   


  1. Oh, Marie, how exciting to sell all three dolls! That is simply amazing. The mask really does make a statement, doesn't it?! Way cool all the way around.

  2. Hi Marie,

    How really exciting for you to sell three of your dolls, that is wonderful.
    Love the peacock mask and looks so great and deserves an award.

    Happy new week

  3. HI Marie

    Congrats on being in the show!

    Love the peacock mask!

    Happy new week ahead,

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

    PS Lovely blog too!

  4. Wow!!! What an honor Marie :) How wonderful that you sold ALL three...that is awesome ~ you got to love that!
    LOVE that peacock...and what the buyer did ~ genius! Wishing you a lovely week (and send our love to Sherri will you?)
    Karla & Karrie

  5. OH NOW THAT PEACOCK COSTUME IS THE BEST!!!!!!!! MARIE and SHERRY darlings, it is so nice to see you both! This is a great time of year and yes, I am busy too, but it is very exciting. I too will be in my first art show here in Minneapolis on Nov.17 and I now have some of my paper shoe ornaments in two shops. I will also be making a paper wedding dress for a bridal boutique's window display!!!

    I pray you are both well and happy and healthy. Let's put our seat belts on as the holidays come upon us!! LOVE Anita

  6. Dear Marie,
    I loved seeing the pics again from the art show. The display of your dolls was really a special showcase. You are just amazing and to have sold all three dolls to the same lady who will be a repeat customer is the icing on the cake. Love what the ladies hubby said about building around her collections. Now that is true love!!!
    Your work is incredible and so creative. Love seeing the girl using your peacock paperdoll in her mask. How special is that? and to have the pics.

    Thank you for sharing dear friend. I know you are really busy now getting ready for the village to go on display too. Take good care in all the excitment and talk to you again soon.
    Love you, CM

    Hi Sherry, So great to talk to you too and thank you for stopping by. Happy Birthday to Russ. I know you all had a wonderful time together. Your shoppe looks terrific with so
    many wonderful treasures. You are incredible my friend. I am loving my pocket purse!!!

    Got our repaint of the living room done this weekend. I am a happy girl this morning!!
    Love you, CM

  7. OH Marie....this is wonderful news! Personally, I thought you should have won at the show but in the end you won something even better....a fan for life. And that mask and costume! ... wowzers! Hope all is well Marie and life is good! xo

  8. Hi Marie! What beautiful dolls you create and congratulations being in the art show. Looks like a wonderful event. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hi Marie! Congratulations! I can see why she purchased all 3 of your dolls, they are gorgeous pieces of art!

  10. Oh sweet Marie, you should not be surprised at all that all of your dolls sold... they are exquisite!!!... my favorite is the ballerina, but I love them all!... and the peacock... oh my goodness!... sooo stunning!... and the girl looks just beautiful in it, how sweet of her to send you photos... I just love to see a post from you come through!... hope all is well... sending much love, and hello to Edie! (Sherry)... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. I am thrilled for you that you sold all your dolls. I have always felt that they were very special. And that peacock mask? As far as I am concerned, she's won top prize with it! Very creative use of your art, Marie!

  12. Hi Marie, Is this wonderful or what? Wow! Congratulations on selling all your three dolls. I can just imagine how you must of felt. Well who would not fall in love with them, I sure have. Blessing...Lu