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Thank you for stopping by to see what's happening in our studios in Peacock Paradise and on Golden Pond!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Four of us ladies decided to have our 
own little fan swap. 
Our participants were:
  Wanda Buxton of Roses In Winter Part II 
Kelly Deal of Dreaming of Vintage
Marie Antionette 
and Sherry
We asked each other for input as to 
what our favorite themes were and 
then got creative!

Marie's fan creation for Kelly Deal - 
Marie's theme was "Halloween" for 
Kelly's fan at Kelly's request. It's 
elegant yet spooky... watch out for 
those creepy spiders Kelly!   

Kelly's fan creation for Marie - 
Kelly went with a Marie Antoinette 
theme for Marie's fan. Her design 
made it an expanding fan as you 
can see in the photos. 


Sherry's fan creation for Wanda was 
Marie Antoinette. Sherry used a mixed 
media approach, paper, lace, vintage buttons, 
ribbon roses, dimensional stickers and sparkles. 


Wanda's fan creation for Sherry was 
Marie Antoinette also. Wanda used 
a Journaling approach with lovely 
tags peeking out of pockets.  

We all loved the fan that was 
created for us! Thanks for a 
great swap gals! 

We'd also like to bring your attention 
to a couple of great shops. 

Kelly Deal has a sweet Etsy shop under 
Kelly Deal Designs. You'll find some great 
creations there that Kelly has made for 
your pleasure. 

Christmas in Paris Wall Hanging Christmas Decoration

 Large Glitter Wood Snowflakes
 5x5 Canvas Collage
Wanda Buxton has a great Etsy 
shop called  Rosesinwinter Take a look 
at the beauty she's created to make 
available to you. 

Paris Themed Art Journal.

French Style Needle Keep.

    Paris Style Wall Pocket.
Another friend is Pat Jones of 
Summer Darlings. She has an Etsy shop 
called TheVelvetRabbit.  
Lovely creations for us to admire and 
 Santa Claus Old World Collage

Angel of Christmas Cheers Small Ornament

Victorian Girl with Fur Muff Tags

Pat also has an Ebay shop that you see if 
you click here. You can see a beautiful 
Angel Wreath that Pat has made. 


Well that's all for now sweet friends! 
from Marie & Sherry! 



  1. OMG !!! Are these fans gorgeous or what?Great swap ladies.
    And another great post from our darling sherry.
    Sherry is so wonderful to do the posting for me. She does all the work. Bless her big heart.
    We do make a wonderful team.Love you,so much.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Hi ladies... oooh those fans are all so beautiful!!!... I could never choose a favorite as I love them all! all must have had such a good time making them, and now you have a precious treasure to keep forever... I will check out those shops... love to you Marie and Edie and Happy Thanksgiving!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh you gals are so talented and creative. What delights you created for one another!

  4. You have a gorgeous blog here! Love what you gals are creating!
    I just became a follower! Lots of eye candy to soothe the soul.
    Teresa in California

  5. Hi Marie Antoinette and Edie,

    Love all the pretty fans you have exchanged and what fun. The music is very sweet too.
    Also how beautiful all your Christmas goodies are.

    Happy weekend


    Like always, your creations are fresh and happy! I had my first art show yesterday and one of the consistent compliments I got was that my work made people smile. I only made three sales but I guess that is typical especially in this economy. One man however was making a killing at his booth selling calenders with cuss words on them...oh well, that's society for ya!


  7. Hi Girls, What a wonderful fan swap. Every one is gorgeous and shares so much talent among you. You will all have these lovelies to enjoy for years to come.
    The shops of everyone you share are fabulous. I have visited all these great shops over the years and their designs are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing. So fun to catch up this morning and wish you both a very special and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Sending hugs,
    Love you, Celestina Marie

  8. Happy Thanksgiving sweet ladies!... I hope your day is filled with lots of good food, family and friends, and many blessings... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Happy Thanksgiving. Many blessings to you both with love, health, happiness and joy. Enjoy this day.
    Love to you both always. CM

  10. My darling and most lovely friend! SO NICE TO SEE YOU VISITED! Please come by the new post I just put up, right now. You will see my sentiments on my first art show last week, and see a piece I created that got me a job to make a paper wedding dress for a bridal shop window display.


    LOVE AND HUGS and come by when you can. Anita

  11. MARIE MY DEAR! Thank you for visiting today and yes, the economy, the TYPE of show I was in and lots of LEARNING on my part are parts of a whole that I just wasn't ready for. BUT the success is in learning EARLY what I need to change and what I need to HAVE to carry forward. THANK YOU for your precious support! LOVE!!! Anita

  12. What a lovely fan swap and what beautiful fans you created to one another. I know from experience what fun this is as I once took part in an exchange of vintage tea cups. Thank you for your visit and kind words ony blog ! Isn't our friend Anita amazing ...

  13. What gorgeous fans! Fabulous treasures!

    ~ Violet

  14. I've just finished oohing and aahing over those gorgeous fans, every one of them so beautiful!! It's no wonder you were all very pleased with your swaps:-)

    I'll now go over and check out those shops you mentioned, how I'd love to buy everything! lol

    I hope you both had a lovely Thanksgiving...I was thinking of my dear American friends that day:-) xoxo

  15. Hi Girlfriends, Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. So exctied to see you here at the weekly event with ECS. Love the fans and so enjoyed viewing these pretties again. It was an amazing swap.

    Merry Christmas with love, Celestina Marie

  16. Great theme, Great idea! Beautiful creations frrm all of you, gives me some ideas for my shabby Christmas tree this year! Thanks

  17. Girls...those fans are to die for gorgeous! Nice job!! You are all so clever though ~ so it doesn't surprise us! Thanks for the new etsy shops to shop...can't wait to check them out!

  18. Hi Girls, thank you for stopping by and your visits this week. It has been a hectic time since Thanksgiving and I have moments of time caught up then it gets crazy again.

    Your kind comments really gave me a lift and thank you for that. Marie, your Santa is right at home in my living room redo. Love it on the vintage hutch.
    Sherry, thank you too for stopping by and your kind comment on the redo. You saw it in person before, so I am glad you liked the change. We are enjoying the lighter look on the walls too. Kind of full circle from when we first moved in and really glad to be back to a lighter look.
    I am sure you girls are busy and decorating your homes.
    Looking forward to seeing your pretties.

    Enjoy and have a wonderful day.
    Love to you both, Celestina Marie

  19. Hi girls,
    Sherry thanks so much for your visit. I could really use your help in getting the word out that there is still great need in New York. If you could ake time in your busy schedules to see my latest post and possibly put a link to my blog on your, it would be so much appreciated!
    Be blessed,

  20. Hello my dear friend Marie and Edie, thank you for your visit. No have not yet done Christmas decorating here, my fault cause I decided to paint the dining room, bad mistake, wrong time of the year to paint, although done now things are not yet back in order, everything takes time. Plus I do boutiques and busy making things. Wow, have to slow down or catch up, which one should I do? Your Christmas Village must be lovely, the fans are amazing, gorgeous work. Hugs..Lu

  21. Hi Marie, such gorgeous things on this post!!!! Just beautiful! Someone put a huge smile on my face yesterday. YOU! What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I adored my beautiful peacock Merry Christmas greeting card. Thank you Marie for being you and a blog friend. xoxo