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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

 ~ Christmas ~

A time of wishing... 

and hoping.  

A time of working... 

and playing.

A time of old customs... 

and new. 

A time of traveling... 

and visiting.   

A time for writing greetings... 

and trimming the tree

A time for giving... 

and receiving. 

A time for singing... 

and dancing 

 A time for baking... 

and dining with family & friends

A time for great anticipation... 

and dreams come true. 

A time for praying... 

and a time for reverence and awe.  

Don't forget to let your inner child come 
out for this special season of celebration!

" For it is good to be children sometimes, 
And never better than at Christmas
When it's mighty founder was a child himself."
by  Dickens

When looking for that perfect gift please 
visit our Etsy shops listed on our sidebar. 
Some great handmade and vintage items 
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Our friend Lorena @ Rose Chic Friends 
has a very worthy cause if you're looking 
for a special way to give this holiday season. 
There are still many people in need after 
Hurricane Sandy ripped apart the 
Brooklyn, NY area. Visit Lorena to 
find out how you can help if you feel 
led to do so. Just click here.     


Love and blessings to all of you
throughout this holiday season!

Marie & Sherry


  1. Great images Marie and thanks for psoting my etsy shop!

  2. Sweet thoughts and wonderful graphics...I wish that I could buy all that I like from Etsy sellers...they are some of the finest.

  3. Dear Sherry, what a wonderful post with special thoughts and wonders for the season.
    I love the graphics you choose to illustrate your thoughts. Thank you for sharing my shop and the shops of such talented friends. And for also sharing Lorena's fund raiser. She is a sweet and giving lady and I too have her donation button on my sidebar. We all have so much to be thankful for this Christmas and giving back only seems right.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my door design. Now if only I was off to France!! Maybe someday. But for Christmas there is no place like home.

    Hello Marie, wishing you a grand week too my dear. How is the village tour going? I would love to be there and see it in person. One of these days, I might just surprise you.

    Love you both,
    XO Celestina Marie

  4. Hello ladies... what a beautiful post!... loved all the words and pictures... I just posted that same quote by Dickens on my most recent one too!... I will always be a little girl!... much love to you both, xoxo Julie Marie

  5. BONJOUR MES BELLES! How lovely to see your comment last night chèrie! I am glad to know you are enjoying the grandchildren NOW and throughout the holidays. This month is certainly passing by too quickly and I am not even ready for any festivities. Etsy has been keeping me busy along with some other commissions locally.

    I hope you enjoyed shaking to the twist of the Sugar Plum Fairy!!!!!!


  6. Love that Dicken's quote....wonderful!!
    Merry Christmas Girls :) LOVE LOVED all of your pictures today!