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Thursday, March 21, 2013


What do you do when you want to 
give a room new life and do it cheap

PAINT of course! Then shuffle 
everything up to give it a new look!   


The traffic pattern is congested or 
do I mean choked. 

The sofa looked like it was under arrest,
and in a lineup against the wall from the 
time we had moved into this condo 
(three years ago)

Bland walls, not much life, just holding 
up the ceiling (which by the way REEEALLY
needed a fresh coat of paint).  

It was too much of a maze. Having 
young "grands" that love to chase 
each other through the room... 
may be a more descriptive  word. 
(You know they all do it.) 


We LOVE the new look and feel of the room. 
It's so peaceful and pleasant. Lots of light
there's more focus on the fireplace and 
when you raise the blinds you can sit 
and gaze out at our "Golden Pond"
that lives out front. 

Everytime I come into this room I feel 
like I can "sigh" a bit of relief and 
enter a little piece of heaven. 

Regardless of where you sit you can 
have a normal conversation without feeling 
you have to scream. The room is open and 
airy and the little "grands" are safe 
from harms way!

The view is great from any seat in 
the room now. The rearrangement 
of our artwork looks so wonderful
These photos don't do it justice of course.

My next project will be something special 
for my Country French bench that I adore.
It needs something sassy and unexpected,
wouldn't you agree?

I love the shape of this chair.

A new location for my cabinet  
that holds my crystal.

We used a Valspar paint from the 
Waverly Home Classics Collection 
 Light Marine WV34007

It's a warm blue so you don't get the 
cold feeling of the grey blues.
Wes likes to refer to it as Tiffany Box Blue!
I agree whole heartedly. 

Budget find - fab new blue pillow 
from Burlington for $12.99
LOVE this pillow and all the hints of colors 
to compliment our old sofa 
AND the new paint color.
(who doesn't love a bargain?)
Even "my assistant" is astounded at 
what one pillow can do, it even compliments 
her coat! 

The soft furry throw you see was from 
Target on Clearance for $14.99. 
WOO-HOO I love a deal! It's large 
and oh so cozy. 
      I think it's a big hit with my critics!!

Favorite family lamps have the 
perfect look. The old lampshades are 
spruced up with tulle on a spool wrapped 
around the shade to camouflage discoloration 
and wide satin ribbon graced with a gorgeous 
sparkly vintage pin give new life to 
these old shades.
Cost for 2 shades about $5.  Already had 
the vintage pins  - FREE.      

Our reupholstered family heirloom chairs 
look fabulous with these adorable 
J.Queen of New York pillows for 
only $7.99 at Burlington!

It makes me truly feel so Royal!

An old crystal vase filled with silk 
flowers we already had... FREE!
(let's celebrate the beginning of spring)
A stack of old books from my Mom's 
bookclub collection looks pretty 
snazzy tied up with a pretty ribbon
.... FREE!

Three wick candle in frosted mercury 
glass holder ... $4 Kohl's Christmas Clearance.

A collection of "whites" to give 
a calming yet interesting new look 
to our black bookcase ... FREE!
(Collections can go on the tops of 
bookcases too, cloches and such.) 

A great display area for treasures that 
had been tucked away. It's good to 
rotate your collections of chatchkies 
to give you a fresh new look ... FREE! 
Wes' little collection of pale yellow 
vases look so sweet in front of 
my old white chippy birdcage 
from my childhood.   

The chairs look so lovely and warm on 
each side of the fireplace.
(Oh that fireplace! Another sore subject 
and hopefully a future facelift in store.) 

The glow in the fireplace is from a vintage 
gas heater that was refit with flickering 
electric light bulbs. I love that the fireplace 
is always glowing and cozy looking. 
Yard Sale find - $25.00 
(It was the find of the decade for me!)    

It finally looks like the pleasant cohesive
room we knew it could be!  

What a difference some paint makes... 
just a couple of gallons. 
It took my hubby a whole week to do 
this instead of a weekend project like when 
we were young and had more energy!  
But at our age the paint goes on a 
bit slower but it does go on!!

Remember... it's only paint and you can 
change it if you don't like it! A small 
investment for a brand new look!! 
At Lowe's you can get a small jar of 
Valspar paint in the color you'd like to try 
for only $2.98. A great way to try it on!   

Hope you enjoyed this segment 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Stay tuned to see more of Budget 
Decorating and treasures & delights 
from Marie's studio. 

Love and hugs to all of you! 
Sherry & Marie


Thank you for your continued prayers for Linda! 
The first battle of the war has begun. 
It's a long journey she's on but she has 
Our Heavenly Father to lead her to victory!   


  1. Oh soooo pretty! Three cheers for Wes! Well done. (It really does look as if it would be a big job. Painting always is for me anyway, which is why I put it off for so long.) Love the "Tiffany" blue and the way you have the furniture arranged. I think it's especially inspired to have the sofa offset from the window...most of us would plunk it smack dab in front. Very nice. You mean you created a race track for your grands? That's what the hallway is for! LOL!

  2. Oh La La!!!! Very pretty. I love that blue you painted. Thanks for coming onto my blog for a visit and getting into the give away. Good luck. My daughter has a little doxie that is short hair and red. I saw your two in the pics so adorable aren't they. Her little Penny is so cute and sweet. Have a great week.

  3. Hi, Sherry! I'm so glad that you found me! Where in Ohio do you live? I definitely have spring fever right now, too :)
    I checked out your blog and am happily following you back! (Your 'new' room looks so pretty!)
    Have a wonderful day~

  4. ITS SO GORGEOUS !!! I love it Sherry !!!I know what ot look like before ...I thought it was pretty then.What a difference.WOW !!!
    you and Wes did an outstanding job.I'm so proud of you both. Prayers for Linda ...still going.I love you.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  5. Just lovely girlfriend! Looks like your ready to entertain ... I'll be some cocktails and appetizers and you two stoke up the fire!

  6. Love your makeover! Thank you for stopping by @

  7. Oh what a wonderful transformation. I truly love the new paint color. Well done!

  8. Hi Sherry, WOW, what a grand makeover. Love the wall color and every detail in this amazing space. You sure have an eye for balance and arranging. You and Wes did a fabulous job. I can imagine how nice it is to walk in this room and feel so calm and inspired.
    You are truly gifted my dear friend.

    Hi Marie, hope this evening finds you well and staying warm. We have a cold front coming in and freeze warning tonight.
    Been very busy with family visiting from Michigan but wanted to stop in and say hello.

    Prayers for Linda XO

    Love you girls Hugs!!