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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Decorating On A Budget - Fur Pillow

Let's remake a pillow that I 
was just going to store. 

I had 3 faux fur 
"mock turtleneck/scarf/muff/sleeves" 
that were to pull over your head 
 for winter weather.

We'll refer to them as "furry things". 
I purchased them on 90% off clearance 
at Kohls a couple years ago. 
I knew I could make something 
out of these soft "furry things"! 
So they landed in my "stash" of stuff 
to work with.      

I turned them inside out and pinned 
the opening together on one end. I did 
this on two of the "furry things". 

 I used my sewing machine to make 
it quicker but you could hand sew it 
using a whip stitch. 

Turn these two to the right sides. 
Slide the two "furry things" onto each 
end of the pillow. Are you seeing 
the picture yet? 
The center of the pillow needs to be 
covered and that's where the third 
"furry thing" comes in.   

 Slide the third furry thing, tha
has both ends unsewn, over one end 
and pull it to cover up the center area. 

 I just tacked the center edges to 
the outer furries to keep it together and...


A furry pillow!

 My faithful assistant approves.

So instead of storing a decorative pillow
I'm using it for a brand new look!

We have lots more "Decorating On 
a Budget" to show you in the next few 
weeks so stay tuned for more

Marie has been busy in her studio and 
will have some new masterpieces to 
reveal soon.    

Thanks for stopping by to visit us.
We love it when you leave us 
a comment  

Blessings & happiness to all of you, 
Marie & Sherry

PS Please pray for my hubby's sister, Linda, 
who is battling a serious illness. Thanks!
Prayer does makes a difference!      


  1. Yes, prayer does make a difference. I pray while I am here so post often! =D

    That's so cool. I'd never have dreamt to do such a nifty thing with the furry things.

  2. I know for a fact that prayers work.And if course Sherry and Wes...I will pray very hard.

    I love the furry pillow...its soooodevine!!!
    And I know I will be looking forward to seeing all the lovies that Sherry makes in a buget.
    Sherry is AMAZING!!!How does she do it,I don't know.I do know she has talent.
    You go Sis!!!
    Marie Antionette

  3. Lurve the pillow Re-Do and what a smokin' price too! Praying for Linda too!

  4. Ma chère Sherry! Ça fait du bien de te voir! AND your project here is genius! Why dump out or never use these scrapes of fabric when we can transform them into something unexpected! BRAVO!

    My dear, the years have been going by! This is my fifth year of blogging and so many lovely things have occurred because of it. Mainly, the people and each one of you means so much to me. I am happy to hear that life on Golden Pond is good for you! Home can be a slice of heaven on earth, and it is there where we learn to prepare for the eternal home being prepared at this moment (our time wise) for us!

    I pray you are all well and striving. May Linda grow stronger in her faith daily, and that her pain and illness be gone. Bless you dear friend! OH! KEEP UP YOUR FRENCH! BISOUS! Anita

  5. Hi Sherry,
    Many prayers for Linda and also for you and Wes in the days ahead. May God grant her with strength and courage.

    Sherry your pillow is just wonderful. You just think of the best creations and this is fabulous. I loved seeing your process~~ and how sweet your little fur baby looks with those approving eyes.
    I am so looking forward to seeing more projects you have to share with us.
    Thank you for sharing my friend.

    Hi Marie, I know you are always busy too. I can't wait to see your newest creations too. Wishing you a great rest of the weekend. We are about to have some bad storms here.

    Love you girls, Celestina Marie

  6. oh my heavens, is that the cutest pillow ever??? love it dear sherry ~ you've always got the cleverest ideas :) wishing you and marie a wonderful weekend!!