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Saturday, April 13, 2013


I've had this Country French style 
bench for several years and love the look 
of the woven rush seats and all 
the lovely curves. 

But if you've ever had to sit on a 
rush seat for any length of time you know 
how hard the surface is!  
If you need your derriere flattened just 
sit on it and you'll find out pretty quick!     


So I went in search for a new look 
and a softer seat. I knew I'd have to 
make it if I wanted to keep it affordable. 

I found a wonderful heavy cotton duck 
fabric at Hobby Lobby that was on sale... 
 the price was right! 
I LOVED the design!

 I waited for Joanne's to have their 
foam 50% off and bought a 3" depth 
piece of foam , just thick enough 
to keep a person from 
having "pancake bottom"! 

I also purchased ready made oyster color 
piping for the edging. I've made my own piping
when necessary in the past but this was a real 
time saver. I had a coupon that covered 
part of the piping.  There's a Velcro fla
on the back edge so it can be 
removed and laundered. Velcro was 40% off! 


I love the look the new cushion achieves... 
the color is very basic but the script is 
so European and vintage looking.  

Tres chic!

We need your help with something though. 

Do you like our reused pillow covers with 
the wild flowers on them or should I 
make new muslin covers with some of 
the popular "Frenchy" designs on them?? 

Look at some of the possibilities...

  (love this royal wienie)

(most designs from the Graphics Fairy)

Any thoughts on it? 
Are there any designs or direction
you think we should go on this??
But if you think the reused pillow 
covers are just as good we're calling this 
project done !

Please leave you opinions. We LOVE to 
hear what you think!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing 
what we've been up to. There will be more bits 
of  Decorating On A Budget to come

Blessings & hugs, Sherry & Marie

Thank you for your prayers for Marie during 
this time of sadness in her life. 
And thank you for your continued prayers for 


  1. SHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so enthused by what you have done here! BRAVO! If anyone can transform a piece of furniture, it is YOU! LOVELY! I have an antique church pew, a darling little one that we bought years ago. I painted over the solid oak and now it is a Paris Gray, sitting under a French tapestry in my dining room. What a layer of paint can do!

    Merci mon amie pour être venue chez moi et pour tes paroles d'amitié. La poèsie, c'est l'esprit humain que notre Seigneur nous offert pour communiquer nos besoins, nos douleurs, etc....merci de tout mon coeur, Anita

  2. I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy so I think you're done and fabulously so! If you'd ever like to do a tutorial on how to create such a cushion, consider me interested!

  3. So fabulous !!! So fantastique !!! So YOU !!!
    Vee is right. You need a tutorial.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  4. Hi Sherry, simply grand my friend. I love it. You did an awesome job. Love the fabric and the pillows. No need for too matchy. It is very interesting this way for spring.
    You are so talented and all you touch turns to gold.
    Yes, tutorials would be wonderful.

    Hi Marie, love you sweetie. Talk this week.

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration Sherry.
    Love you, CM.

  5. I just love your new bench...Its so chic...Although I love the pillows with graphics, I think your project is done..

  6. Oh I love it. I say go with the animal prints. This way you have versatility and a new look. You can take the pillow from room to room. Maybe throw in one of the clock or paris script. It will look really nice either way. My eyes would think it too busy if the seat and the pillows both had script all over. But then i'm easily confused so don't use me as a barometer. LOL Nicely done. Hugs. Tammy

  7. Your cushion turned out perfect-love it! Your pillows look great-however, I'm a sucker for a crown! :)
    (I also love the grain motif)