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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Woody(Junior), Marie's brother, is in need 
of our prayers. 


Junior has been in a long difficult 
battle fighting Leukemia
He is in Intensive Care in Texas 
at this time and has serious issues 
with double pneumoniakidney function 
problems, a heart blockage and of 
course still fighting the Leukemia. 

Please pray for Junior's Health, 
for Recovery, for Peace, for a Miracle!
We pray that God will comfort him 
and spare him pain. We pray for 
God's will to me done for his life 
and that he could be a testimony 
for God's goodness & grace.   

Junior has told his wife that he does 
not want Marie & their brothers, Buddy& Johnny 
coming to Texas to see him in this 
condition. Please pray for Marie & 
Buddy ,Johnny for Strength and Courage and the 
Peace that comes without understanding 
 through Jesus Christ
during this time of uncertainty. 
It's so hard for them to honor his wishes
 and stay away. 

Family photo or our sweet Marie with her brothers. 
Buddy in the oldest with the younger of the brothers, Michael, 
on his lap. Michael... has already passed. 
Jr. is the tallest standing.Johnny is standing behind Marie.

Our darling Marie is 
trying to keep as busy as she can 
while waiting for the phone to ring 
with updates. If you've ever been in 
this situation you know what Marie 
& Johnny are going through right now. 

Please pray for Marie & Johnny's health. 
They both have serious health concerns 
and need to stay in good physical shape.   

Thank you dear friends for your 
loving prayers. 

We ask that God 
bless you fully for taking the time 
to remember her family.

In His Love, 
Sherry & Marie


  1. Dearest Sherry,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute.Jr. is in Surgery this morning.I do not know any news yet.And thank you so much for being you.
    I also thank God he broght you into my life.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Hello Marie Antoinette,

    Johnny is in my prayers and thoughts for his Health, for Recovery, for Peace, for a Miracle!.


  3. Praying for you ALL! I'm a rebel and would go against my brothers wishes... ha ha... life is short and I'd be so upset with myself if I stayed away and not said the things I wanted to or touched / hugged my family in this situation. They don't want you to remember them this way but in reality our memories span such a bigger span of time that this little health bump in the timeline of life is but a blink of the eye. Lurve you all! Janeen