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Saturday, June 1, 2013




 That's right - 
I'm going 

 where there may be 
bathing beauties...

bathing caps...


and the rare beachy ballerina



and silvery moons
will be our entertainment.

They say

and I know

So I'll be 

with my toes in the sand

or in the surf

listening to 

I'll be back soon with 
a bag of seashells...

to put in bottles...

study artful details...

and admire  God's treasures 
of the sea that 
wash up on  shore.

What divine beauty! 

You know...

And always remember...

That pretty much says it all 
doesn't it?

"I will give you rest."

See you soon dear friends, 
Edie Marie

Post by Edie Marie
All images from Pinterest 


While Edie Marie is "frollicing on 
the beach" Marie Antoinette 
will be slaving away in her 
studio to bring you 
more beautiful creations.

She happens to have a gorgeous 
Paper Doll to delight you! 

This is The Steampunk Peacock Lady! 

(Click on the photo to enlarge)
Marie has outdone herself on this paper doll. 
The peacock feathers that are used for the dress 
are perfect feathers that Marie recently collected 
for this beauty.   

(Click on photo to enlarge) 
It's impossible to see all the detail in these 
photos. The lady sparkles with glamor and 
 glitter and is embellished with silk flowers 
 and trims to tickle your fancy!  

Please take a look at her on Marie's Etsy 
where you can to see all her 
gorgeous items!     

The Digital Print used to creat
this item came from the Etsy of 
a friend, Rhonda's Originals.
Stop by to see the great digital 
images she has.  

Have a wonderful week! 
Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie


  1. Have fun at the sea Edie!!!... I so miss the ocean and everything you described... I LOVE that pendant at the top... is it yours?... I want one like it!!!.. and dear Marie, your new paperdoll is just stunning!!!... much love to you both, Happy June!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oops...managed to boot myself right out following links...that was fun! Such beautiful things...I really love this paper doll...she's incredibly elegant.

    Have fun at the shore, Sherry. That was so much fun...I love how you pulled that all together for us creating a wonderful little taste of a beach vacation.

    1. Oh...did you know that there will be no shore in heaven? I was simply shocked to find that out. Shocked!

  3. Yes, the sea does indeed heal and re-center us. Enjoy!

    That doll is absolutely divine! I truly admire her. Bravo!


  4. Hello, I love visiting here, so many beautiful images. I love the seaside, just returned home from a beach trip last week. Great seaside pics, makes me want to head back. Love, love the Peacock Lady!

    The French Hutch

  5. L-U-R-V-E this paper doll, you outdid yourself Marie... as usual! And I lurve the beach even more, make a memory and stay safe Edie!

  6. Hello lovelies! I am absolutely lapping up each of these gorgeous seascape images. Sublime!
    xx, Heather

  7. Wow! I love the ocean and I think I may need to put some of these fabulous photos and quotes on my pinterest board! Have fun!

  8. Hi Marie! Always delighted to see your latest creations!! And loved this beachy post. We are just back from the shore and I posted a blog all about it. Come on over for another visit. xo Lynn

  9. oooh i love these images of the sea...
    thank you for your visit...yes vintage
    clips of family are the best...are they
    not...enjoy these wonderful summer nights!!!

  10. This Is SO cute:) and thanks so much for sweet words on my blog

    If you like cool sports wear...check out my new post:)

    Have a wonderful day beautiful

    LOVE Maria at