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Thank you for stopping by to see what's happening in our studios in Peacock Paradise and on Golden Pond!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Marie wearing her crown designed by Edie Marie... 
well after all she IS Marie Antoinette!

Our sweet "Queen" Marie is having 
a birthday this week! 
One of her biggest gifts is a visit 
from her brother Johnny traveling 
with his family to see her over her 
Birthday week... how sweet is that?!

Happy Birthday Sweet Marie
from all you friends!!


by Marie Antoinette
For those of you that don't know me... 
I am a retired "bar maid". Not a "bartender", a 
"bar maid". I only served beer to rednecks. Now 
there's nothing wrong with a redneck, a few bad 
ones always spoil the name as you well know. 
I did this task for 20 years. 

For you who would be offended... 
I'm sorry but that's life as they say. 
For you who would like to read my bar 
stories... there will be links at the bottom 
of this post to lead you to them. 

One night when I was working at the bar 
a real close male "friend" of mine decided he was 
going to come sit with me awhile which he didn't 
often do. We sat, talked, laughed and listened to 
the juke box with everyone. This was a
neighborhood bar. I knew everyone well 
and grew up with most of them. 

Well this fella that was visiting me was and 
still is a pretty good looking man. 
In walks a girl, a redneck Mississippi girl! LOL 
You have to be around them to know them. 
They're funny as you know what, but harmless. 
She spotted my "friend" right off the bat and 
started flirting with him. She even got  him to buy 
her a drink. We weren't jealous "friends" so get 
that out of your head. 

everyone is watching and waiting to see what 
happens next. They didn't have to wait long.
As the juke box was playing she got on 
my friend's lap. He was SHOCKED!
 I wasn't of course, I just don't shock easy. 
(Ask Edie, she knows me well. She's been 
to Mississippi twice already and I've been to 
Ohio once... that's right, Yankee Country. LOL) 
Anyway right after she climbed on his lap the 
juke box went dead. Not one sound came out 
of anybody in the place. You could have heard 
a pin drop. All eyes were on me. 

She hollers out, 
"HEY! Somebody put a quarter in the juke box!" 

I was behind the bar, mind you, since I was 
working. I walked out from back of that bar
and strolled right up to her while she 
was still on my friend's lap and in 
a calm voice I said, 
"Why don't you ask your new boyfriend 
for a quarter?" 
She looked at me kind of strange. 

Then from the crowd, a long time friend
of mine, Bubba, yelled out, 
"You better get off his lap... 

She jumped down real quick and started 
babbling! The whole bar started laughing, 
ME included! What a hoot it was!!

Would you believe that she and I are 
friends to this day?? We are. She was just 
trying to have some fun. We all need to let 
loose once in awhile. 
Just be careful who you let loose with! 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

If you'd like to read more of my 
barmaid stories check out this links:

#1 "Bartending, Redneck Style"
click here 

#2 "Barmaid's Story"
click here  

#3 "The Legend of the Pool Stick 
click here

created by ALEXIA 

 Marie & I would like 
to give an enormous THANK YOU 
to Marie's daughter Alex for the 
new banner she created for our 
blog. It's awesome and we absolutely 
LOVE it Alex!! 

Alexia - Marie's Darling Daughter 
and she's gorgeous too!

You are so talented Alex and we 
appreciate your hard work and 
vision for what we both adore! 

Marie and I love to swap our creative 
items with each other. So here's our 
latest treasures!!

A Shoe for Edie ~

This is Marie's creation she sent to me. 
It is sooo gorgeous!! 

 Look at that fabulous 
peacock atop the birdcage... 

 and the heel is full of
 colorful feathers from Marie's 
peacocks... that makes it so special. 
(there's a huge difference between a 
fresh peacock feather and one bought 
in a retail store... just sayin')

 The trims Marie uses are scrumptous! 

My beautiful shoe hangs in the center of 
my lampshade frame chandy that 
hangs in my studio. 

It's full 
of all my fav handmade gifts from 
friends and frenchy treasures.

~ A Shoe for Marie ~

 This is my creation for Marie. 
It was really fun to make! 
I used lots of scrapbooking items 
such as paper, stickers, stick on flowers, 
gems, etc. I also added some lace and 
feathers from around "Golden Pond". 

I decorated the backside of the 
shoe in case Marie hung it where 
it could spin. 


Marie has been so busy in her workshop! 
Look at this gorgeous new creation...


 Madame has a special love for 
the birds and peacocks that roam
the palace gardens. 

A carriage awaits in the moonlight 
for a courtisan who greets 
the madame of his dreams. 
His heart flutters as she approaches.  

 The peacocks are perched in 
the garden trees along with 
the sweet  little songbirds.

 Madame Belle turns to 
hide the tryst that is taking 
place within her theater... after all,
it's better that you should write 
your own romantic conclusion 
for this story!

So we shall say "Adieu"!



Thanks to a dear friend I now have
 a baby "Cricket" machine to cut out shapes 
and letters. She upgraded to a larger Cricket 
and passed the little on on to me. Thank you 
sweet Cathy!! 

This is my first project with the Cricket. 

 I've wanted a PARIS banner for a long time.

I used scrapbook papers, crepe paper, paper 
lace, glitter glue, paper flowers and ribbon.

 I cut the letters out on the Cricket and 
cut the pennant shapes by hand. I gathered 
the crepe paper by sewing a basting stitch 
on my sewing machine and pulled the 
thread for a great ruffle!

I have pennant shapes glued to the back 
also so that I can reverse the pennant for 
a different effect. But I'll save that 
for another day.

By the way, if you need a place to store 
your Christmas tree topper you may 
be able to adorn the top of a lamp 
with it! 


Thank you for stopping by to wish 
Marie a Happy Birthday 
and see what we've been up to! 

Blessings, Marie & Edie

Post written by Edie Marie. 
Story written by Marie Antoinette  


  1. You don't disappoint, Ladies! Beautiful new header...I noticed it right away. Happy Birthday, Marie! Have fun with your family.

  2. Beautiful post ladies... and beautiful treasures you each created for each other... Happy Birthday dear Marie... I do hope your gift I sent arrived safe and sound... just so small, but wanted to wish you the happiest birthday!... and Happy Fourth of July to you all!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. WOW. I am here late, ladies, because I am in California at the moment visiting family. My computer time is limited and I am trying to make my rounds that I ENJOY! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME the other day, and I am here enjoying your new banner, the PAPER SHOES and the QUEEN HERSELF!

    You two are special and I send you my fondest wishes for yet MORE FUN AND CREATIVITY! I will be blogging regularly when I return home on Monday. LOVE TO YOU BOTH! Anita

  4. Well Happy Birthday to you and your Bar Stories are not offensive at all! I so appreciate all your peacock advice and i am thrilled to tell you that the missing peahen (10 days gone) reappeared one day and has come home for good,... I hope. They are finally realizing that this is home.

  5. Oh, look at all these creations! I am loving them all, but I have to say that the Paris fan really got me. Oh, and the turquoise pretty. Happy Birthday to Marie. What a fun time to have your birthday around the Fourth of July. Celebrate!

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Happy Birthday Marie,

    I hope that you have get a good party?
    You look so happy on your picture. You have a nice crown.
    I have never seen before so beautiful dolls.
    It´s fantastic, that the lady has something under her skirt. Really good.
    I have looked around your blog - it´s really a perfect dream. So wonderfull and extremly interesting.
    I sew all my things without a sewing machine.
    This summer I will buy one, maybe. I think it´s also funny to sew by hand.
    How do you have found me? I am from Germany, far far away from your wonderful country.

    I will come back - this is sure, because I will see more so wonderful dolls.
    (The paperdoll is also perfectly)

    Have a good time

    Your Bluemchenmama

    (Please forgive me my mistakes - I have learned English some years ago in the school)

  7. Happy Birthday Marie,
    What a great post... I thought the bar stories were a real hoot!
    You all are so very talented, hard to pick a favorite.
    Thank you for your kind words about Harold..
    I so appreciate your visits.

  8. oh you girls...honestly! your creativity blows away everyone :) Wishing Marie a VERY Happy Birthday and many many more (and more stories as well...what a hoot Marie...who knew you were a bar maid ~ lol!!)
    Wishing you both a wonderful week!
    Karla & Karrie

  9. Happy birthday dear Marie, and hope you had a wonderful and special day.
    Love your new header, your daughter designed, she is very talented.
    I laughed at your story of your days working in the bar, and sure you had lots of other fun times.

    Happy new week

  10. Wowwww what a great post !!...i miss your birthday...congratulations from me....a little bit later...enjoy Ria...x !

  11. What a lovely post:) I like your blog.

    If you want to see an amazing Swedish hotel..check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from

  12. Happy Birthday sweet Marie! I hope your day was filled with fun and surprises! And...Oh my! A beautiful doll and a fun story, too! I'm Southern through and through so I can imagine the story you told and the characters! Love your shoe, too! You love beautiful things, just like I do!

  13. Happy birthday Marie. Such a gorgeous doll and the shoe is so lovely. I really appreciate your loving comments on my blog and the prayers. I am so sorry you lost your brother to this deadly disease. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post. xo Linda

  14. HAPPY BORTHDAY Marie! Loved your barmaid story - so funny! And the shoe is beautiful! Have a great evening ladies!

  15. Dear girls. What a fabulous post and so full of talent and inspiration. Just love the story Marie. So glad I got to talk to you for your birthday. I bet you enjoyed your brother.
    Sherry you are amazing and I love all your newest creations. How fun you have a Cricket. The banner is wonderful. Love your new doll Marie. The blog banner is wonderful. Alexia did a beautiful job on it.
    Stay cool. It's 100 + here and we had no AC for 4 days. It's new so still under warranty. Thank God it was fixed last night.
    Have a great week. Love you both, Celestina Marie

  16. A very Happy and Healthy Birthday to beautiful Marie!!

    Thank you so much, dear Marie for stopping by my are so kind. And very dolls are amazing!
    Your daughter made a gorgeous blog banner...all of the creativity here is inspiring...
    Love your bar story too!
    I think it's so cool that you and Sherry are co-creating in this lovely space...
    - Irina

  17. Wonderful post! Such lovely things to look at! Happy belated birthday to Marie!

  18. Great barmaid story. Had me laughing.

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  20. Happy belated Marie! Gorgeous eye candy in his post! Your daughter is gorgeous!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Marie and many more! Beautiful designs. love the colors. Hugs. Tammy

  22. My apologies, Marie! Just returned from trip to the UK to find your post - so many belated Happy Returns!

    Have a lovely weekend too!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

    PS We always look forward to hearing your news!