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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dutchesse Gabriell Governess of the Children

From the studio of 
Marie Antoinette
The Dutchess Gabrielle 
Governess to the Children Royale
 Some people called her Governess. 
But the Queen called her an "angel"
because she protected her darling children 
and brought much happiness into 
their young lives.

The King had created a special playground 
for his beloved children, that included 
a beautiful elaborate carousel!
Not just any carousel but one that 
displayed animals that had only been 
seen in picture books. 

A striped zebra, a long-necked giraffe 
& a unicorn! Then a couple of favorite 
animals that were familiar, a sweet rabbit 
and a horse. They all sparkled in the sunlight 
and at night, there was special candlelight 
that made the carousel glow!
The children, Marie-Terese and Louis 
Joseph, loved to chose a different 
animal to ride each time dear 
Gabrielle took them to this special 
carousel created just for them by 
their kind Father.  

Gabrielle treated them to a sugar 
confection that was spun into puffy 
pink fibers that could be eaten from 
a paper cone. It always made the children 
giggle with delight! She also had 
colored balloons to chose from! 
Sometimes one of the balloons would 
escape and they would watch it 
as it disappeared into the heavens. 

Oh what joy abounded during 
those days! But as they say...  

all good things can abruptly come to 
an end.

 However the memories live forever!
Love to all our friends, 
Marie Antoinette

Theater Doll by Marie Antoinette
Story written by Edie Marie 

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  1. Good morning.....Bonjour vous deux amies!

    Marie darlin' - Edie Marie mon amie, I thank you BOTH for working together, sharing your talents, and for your gracious presence in this fun world of Blog that grows with joy. THANK YOU BOTH FOR COMING TO VISIT! Bisous à vous deux and this doll is just fabulous. Love the manège of favorite all-time joy of a this day! Anita

  2. Blessings to you sweet and BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! Anita

  3. Your imagination knows no bounds. She's beautiful Marie.

  4. She is amazing and the story is magical. I want to live in your world!

  5. Hello dears,

    First I have to say, I love the photo of you both! Blogging is a wonderful thing when it brings two soul sister together. Love your beautiful new creation! She is a scrumptious delicacy to the eye.

    Thanks so much for visiting and your comment on the little shoes. It meant the world to me.


  6. Your creations are awesome. Thanks for your visit and your kind words. You can find translation below every post. Greetings!

  7. Oh my goodness, did you seriously make this? Wow, she's beyond amazing! I went to an antique doll museum in Bellevue, WA years ago and she reminds me of some of the exquisite dolls I saw there!

  8. Marie,
    Isn't Gabrielle the prettiest ever? I love the carousel that is under her representing her special times with her children. I was getting into the story, Edie Marie, and it was so charming to me. What a beautiful creation.


  9. Marie, what a beautiful doll and Edie, I adored the story. All so pretty..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Thank kind comment from you from me...Ria...x !

  11. Wow, this is really something to dream about - Duchess Gabrielle would make a lovely figure in a childrens book! The figurine is really delightful - i loved seeing it! Have a fun day, xx, M.

  12. Such beautiful creatiobs, both the doll and the story!! You are both so talented!!
    Also, thank you for visiting my blog!!


  13. Wow, I love that theater doll! The carousel underneath is wonderful! Thanks for your recent visit to my Victorian Dollhouse Makeover, I'm glad you liked it. :)
    Happy Thursday!

  14. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog, I seen you the other day surfing around different blogs and meant to come over then lost you LOL

    I love the name Marie Antoinette, which caught my eye
    I'll be stopping by again

  15. Marie, she is breathtaking! You and Edie are so talented.. I love the story Edie.
    Thank you for coming over to meet Tinker and leaving such a kind comment.. It meant so much.
    Wishing you a beautiful evening.

  16. Oh my goodness. How gorgeous! you both are very creative and such sewing wizards. I love this history. I hope you do make the apple cigars. They are easy and so good. Thank you for your prayers. xo Linda

  17. Quelles merveilles !
    Merci de les partager avec nous

  18. Quelles merveilles !
    Merci de les partager avec nous

  19. Hi Marie A!!
    Love your duchess with carousel!! Fantastic she is! Hope you will have a wonderful Autumn!!


  20. You must have put so much work into that's lovely.


  21. I LOVE this! What a creation your Gabrielle is! The real Gabrielle would be enchanted that she was honored so. Does she turn with the carousel?
    Love the fabric and the wonderful story woven into the creation. Thanks so much for sharing her with us.

  22. Oh what a delight! My mother used to collect carousel animals. How this would have delighted her!

  23. You've done it again Marie! Another gorgeous doll....we love how you tell a story with each one ~ the lighting is fun...but of course, you always put such detail into your creations :) Can't wait to see what doll is next!

  24. She is enchanting and so fashionably attired! Your creativity is truly impressive! xx

  25. Oh my goodness, is she ever beautiful!!!...Truly, just enchanting!...I LOVE this precious doll you've created with her wonderful hidden display, and the charming story too! You gals make quite a pair! xo

  26. That is stunning and beautiful and the story also! I love how the carousel peeks out from under her fabulous skirt. Thanks for your lovely visit.

  27. What an amazing creation !!!! Wonderful

    xoxo from PARIS/FRANCE


  28. That is sooo beautiful dear Marie... once again, you have outdone yourself!... each and every detail is so precious, I just love it!... I also love Edie Marie's jewelry case in the top post, how incredibly beautiful!... hope all is well with both of you... sending much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  29. Hi Marie, Your newest doll is gorgeous as only you can create. Love the color and the details are amazing. You have surely been busy my sweet friend. I love the case that Sherry madeover too and going back up to that post to comment next.
    I got back from a month of travels and such. We had a fabulous time on our Ruby Anniversary and hated to come home to the heat of 107.
    I am so ready for fall.
    Miss you and talk to you soon.
    Love, Celestina Marie

  30. What a gorgeous creation, dear Marie!! It is so wonderful that you and Edie can collaborate in this lovely way...inspirational!
    Much love,
    - Irina