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Friday, August 30, 2013


From the studio of 
Edie Marie

(THE JEWELS in French)

Walking through the local antique mall 
the other day, I happened upon this odd sized 
case. It had the appearance of an old typewriter 
case but not wide enough. 

 I loved the old worn patina on all the parts.

The name plaque says:

Famous Perfect Made Cases
601 W. 26th St NEW YORK N.Y. 1

Upon investigating I found that this was 
a salesman's sample case in it's "hay day".

 When I opened it up I saw this strange 
hinging and when I pulled on it...

 VOILA! It expanded into lots of 
trays that rested on the large lid!

 The bottom tray was deeper than the rest. 
I immediately knew I could use it for 
something I've been needing for a while. 
At the great price of $18.00 I said 
"Come to Mama" 
and popped it into my cart!

 I swept it off to "le Studio". 
I know... it should say "le Atelier" if 
I'm gonna use Frenchy things but 
it is what it is!

 I rummaged through my scrapbook paper 
and came across this GORGEOUS paper that 
my sweet Marie Antoinette sent to me: 

"Ooh-la-la" it's speaking to me!

Beautiful fashion designs of New York 
and Paris.  

The paper is by Graphic45 - 
A Ladies' Diary Collection 

 I also came across a piece of wrapping paper 
that Marie  sent to me on a gift by 
way of Celeste...
(Celeste has a fabulous blog 
Celestina Marie Designs .
Stop by & visit her sometime!)

 and of course 
I had to save it... it's FRENCH!

 I found some leftover stickers to spell 
"something" with...

and some craft foam that was given to me  
by my dear friend Kitty for projects.  

 Some Alene's Brush-on Tacky Glue 
is gonna make this a piece of cake.

I used my favorite edged scissors to 
cut out the paper with an irregular cut. 

 And started gluing!

I even glued images on the sides of 
the case.  

 The top was decorated with stickers 
that spelled "LES BIJOUX", 
"The Jewels" in French.

Some images from the wrapping paper 
finish off the top. 

 I used the foam sheets to cut into 
linings for the trays. A little cushion 
helps things from sliding around.

Thanks to old odds & ends that I've 
collected for eons and the contributions 
from "Queen Marie" and "Lady Kitty", 
I have a treasury of Royal Jewels!  


This will make my Altered Art Jewelry 
creating so much more FUN! I no longer 
have to rummage through several different 
storage containers to find what I want.

Now I better get back to "le Studio"
and do some WORK! 

Bisous mon amies! 
 (Hugs my friends)
Edie Marie

 My altered art jewelry and vintage 
items can be found on my Etsy:
I'd love for you to stop by the attic!

Once again Marie is busy creating 
in her studio and will have something 
fabulous for our next post.
Marie has many gorgeous creations on: 
She sends her hugs & kisses 
to all of you!


Special Note: Linda who had Pancreatic 
Cancer has gone through horrific chemo, 
major surgery and now more followup 
chemo and the doctors have said she 
is cancer free!! 
This has been a true miracle for our 
family. Linda is hubby's baby sister... 
one of his older sisters died of pancreatic 
and liver cancer 13 years ago. 
Thank you for all your prayers for healing! 
We are soooo blessed!! 
Thank you God!!


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  1. What a great find - a true treasure trove!

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

  2. What a great find...and what you did with it is even greater!!! I just love how you decorated this grand old case, and then when I saw all the goodies you put inside, my eyes nearly popped out! What a beautiful treasure chest you've created! xo

    Prayers to your dear Linda. xo

  3. Oh amazing find! I'm glad that you decorated it and made it yours and I can't believe how perfectly it is serving you in your studio. That's what these things should be doing not looking forlorn in some corner.

    Wonderful news about a dear sister. Many blessings to her and a prayer that she continues in good health.

  4. CANCER FREE???????????? THIS IS GREAT NEWS! And to both of you dear hearts, thank you for always sharing bright light and love. Whether it's arts and crafts, FRENCH goodies or personal circumstances, your vision of the world around you is inspiring. Many hugs to both of you, and next week, I go back to teach. This time, I'll be teaching high school seniors and 8th graders FRENCH grammar - my passion!!!!


  5. Many thanks for the two visits - I am very honored!

    Hope you're all having a great weekend too!

  6. Hi girls: Your little chest turned out just beautifully, Edie Marie. What a great addition to you Le Studio and you have so many wonderful things to put in it. Congrats to you SIL. What a journey. So glad she is cancer free..You have reasons to celebrate..Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. Hi Marie Antoinette and Edie,

    I love your French inspired case.
    So happy to hear your sister is cancer free - this is wonderful.
    Hope you are both enjoying the weekend and many thanks for visiting me and your kind words.


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Good evening Marie Antoinette and Edie,
    I absolutely love your French inspired case. What beautiful work you you.
    There is no better news than to hear Linda is Cancer free.. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

    Marie, thank you so much for your visit and most kind words.. Yes, I do have an Etsy shop (pinkpetunia) on my sidebar, but most of my art is on Ebay.. Seller ID Angelsdoor.
    You are always so kind to leave such encouraging words.
    bless you and Edie,

  10. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog...this box is wonderful !! what you did with it ....have a nice Ria...x !

  11. Such a beautiful find!! And I love what you did with it, it ooses French vibe!! Love it!!
    Following you! xo

    PS Sending good thoughts to Linda and her family!!

  12. Edie Marie,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.. I am so happy you enjoyed viewing Matilda and Phoebe.
    They were such a joy to create.. A true labor of love.
    Thank you so much for following along with me, I am a follower here also. I am truly honored.
    Wishing both you ladies a beautiful weekend.

  13. Edie Marie,
    This is fabulous! Jewels, jewels, and more jewels - I love it! How clever that you glued the decorative pictures all over the box. I think this box was calling your name. You did a great job creating it. That blue brooch is gorgeous.

    So happy to hear about your sister-in-law. God bless her.


  14. Ma belle! BONJOUR! Merci d'être venue ce matin! And sweet one, learning a language does take practice, but you do what you can. Listen to French movies! If you use DVDS, there is a function in the language section where you can listen to the movie in French and use subtitles. Let me tell you that in my mid 30s when I started to teach myself French (I have been fully licensed now for 11 years), that I used to listen over and over to DVDs in French.

    You are going to antique malls and salvage places today? SUPER! I just discovered a new antique salvage warehouse in my neighborhood on Friday. OH DEAR will I be going there often! HAVE FUN!!! Anita

  15. I would have snapped up that $18 treasure in a second, what a great find. It certainly didn't take you long to fill it up! It's like a pirates treasure chest now.

  16. What a superb find! I envy you! I absolutely adore what you did with it. It most certainly exudes French flair! x

  17. What an amazing find! And you turned it into the cutest jewelry display/holder! I was guessing what it was....looked at first like one of those old Singer sewing machines! What a surprise when you opened it.
    Fun post!

  18. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the lovely is truly appreciated!!

    I love your blog!! The jewelry case you found is just gorgeous!! It looks so pretty with all of the treasures inside...

    Take care,
    Dessa Rae

  19. What a great find! I love what you did with it!

  20. Wow, you found a wonderful treasure, and I adore what you did. It totally improved it and gave it new life :-)


  21. That's certainly a treasure box of beauty...have you seen the untouched for 70 years apartment they just opened up in paris?


  22. Hi Sherry, Oh I just love the case you recreated and the uniqueness of it. So chic and perfect to hold your jewels for designing. You are so talented and saw a vision when you found this piece. I am sure you are going to enjoy this greatly.

    So happy about Linda and the wellness she was blessed with over the last year of her challenge with cancer. You and Wes have been angels to her and played a great role in her recovery. God Bless you both.

    Loved Marie's newest doll below too. She is a fantastic talent and each and every doll is beautiful.

    We are back from our travels and had a great time. Hated to come home to 107 degrees. So ready for fall here.

    Love, Celestina Marie

  23. love your new case.I need one for all my jewels that are in jars and plastic containers

    your jewels looks great now

  24. What a fantastic case for your jewels.

    As always, I love looking at your blog's background "wallpaper."


  25. Oh, I didn't know you were dear sweet Linda's relative! How wonderful. I can't believe she is so full of energy and out blogging and visiting. She is amazing. She redesigned my blog for me and my sister's blog.

    Your new case is stunning and what a perfect way to store all of your fabulous baubles. I found a wonderful site when I was doing my daughter's wedding - if you need inexpensive brooches.

  26. Your treasure box is FABULOUS - wish i had one like this too! Hugs for a happy weekend!

  27. It's so neat to figure out what it was and then make it your own. It is a treasure chest now. I love all of your beautiful jewels and this is perfect for keeping them together. I bought an old box yesterday that I will show soon. I just love the way they look! Sweet hugs!

  28. What a gorgeous case! The way you covered the outside is so charming!What a treat to open it up and see all the sparkle and glam! Thanks for sharing with us.

  29. the jewels case is gorgeous ! May I say something like a French lesson ? if you want to say the jewel in french (that is to say only one) you write : Le bijou. But if you want to say that there are several jewels, you have to write Les bijoux ! "LE" singular-masculine and "LES" plural either feminine an or masculine or neutral.
    The way to decorate it is so fab ! and I love the jewels inside (I'm so fab about jewellery)

    xoxo from PARIS


  30. What a lucky find! This is perfect for your needs. Congrats!