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Friday, January 10, 2014


Marie's Whitmanville display at the 
Picayune Train Depot was a great 
success! Hundreds of people visited 
Whitmanville and was amazed and 
awestruck by the size and detail of her 
fabulous village. 

If you didn't have time to see Marie's 
display you can see it here. We know that 
many of you were extremely busy at the 
holidays. So now that the "rush" is over
you can take time to make a cup of tea  
or pour some coffee and take a look at 
the charm of Whitmanville on Utube. 

Well do you know the old saying: 
"What goes up... must come down."? 
It's the same with the village! 

Here's a good photo of the size 
of Marie's village:

And here's a look at the aftermath 
of Whitmanville which doesn't include 
all the tables, skirting, "snow", etc: 

Marie's hubby and daughter help her 
with the work involved with the village. 
She couldn't do it without their help. 
So now she has to find the storage "homes" 
for all of these boxes! Mercy! Marie says 
this is a process that lasts at least til the 
end of January. I'm tired just thinking about it. 

Thank you dear Marie for giving so many 
children and grownups such happiness 
at Christmas time. The Village of Picayune 
hopefully realizes what an incredible 
attraction your display is for their event.

Marie & I have fun figuring out what 
we're going to surprise each other with 
at Christmas! To say she went way 
overboard this year is an understatement. 

Box after box came to my house. 
First I received this gorgeous 

There's a place in the center for a 
votive candle. It's so tre chic!! 

Then here comes another box filled 
with all kinds of fun things. 

Marie knows how I love decorative 
boxes for storage and this one is 

A photo doesn't begin to show how gorgeous 
this vintage hanky is. The little crocheted 
basket with flowers is separate and I'm sure 
was meant to be pinned on your blouse or 
dress. It's made of Irish Linen!  

 Look at this sweet vintage hanky. 
It's so delicate and lovely. The embroidery 
is very small and well done. The lace 
edge is a very soft aged netting, my 
favorite feel for lace. 
It drapes softly and perfectly.

 How adorable are these ballet slippers? 
They're satin over a very stiff structure 
just like real ballet shoes would be.  
They're so adorable and I even love the box!
I adore everything!

Tucked inside the box was 3 gorgeous peacock 
feather ornaments for my hubby. 
There's a bit of glitter inside that makes 
them sparkle. He hung them from our 
dining room chandelier and they looked 
so lovely. (Hubby & Marie are like 
brother & sister!) 

 Looky here what else was in the box... 
"Marie Cookies"! Can you believe it? 
As you can see I could only take photos 
of what's left of them. LOL

 They're these delightful crisp wafer 
cookies that are just the right sweetness 
to go with a cup of tea.

That's exactly what I've done... 
several times. 

Then these came in the mail... 

New Business Cards!!

Marie knew I was wanting to get new 
business cards after the holidays 
and she surprised me with new cards!
 I LOVE them!!

 The lady looks so tres chic and so 
Marie Antoinette era. The best part 
is the pair of swans she added.
Marie ordered a digital download from 
an Etsy Shop, Country At Heart, and 
worked with the owner to add the swans. 
Thank you Marie for the awesome 
gifts, each one so fabulous!! 

I had purchase some things for Marie to 
use in her doll making projects. 
I can't show those things to you because,
well, I wouldn't want you to have any 
advance info of her next Theater Doll themes. 

I had fun making something for her 
that I knew she would like.  
A Paper Shoe. She & I have talked 
about the art of paper shoes 
many times. 

I found a shoe pattern on line 
and made a small adjustment to it.

After finding the perfect scrapbook 
papers for my creation I went to work. 

I found the perfect Regal Crown Brooch 
garnished with pearls for the toe of the shoe.
I used shapes from my Cricket machine 
and more vintage jewels to give it that 
"Marie Antoinette" look.

French script for the heel of the shoe.
Ooh la la!

I found this adorable purse image to 
cut out on my Cricket. I embellished it 
with some fru-fru of course and it 
became a little gift card.

It came together well and  I was 
pleased with how it looked. 

Here it is displayed on Marie's mantel. 
I'm so happy she liked my creation for her.

I was on a roll and my mind immediately 
went to Celtic for Alex, Marie's sweet 
daughter. (She helps us so much with the 
"technical" things we haven't a clue about!)
I had the perfect paper, a red Tartan plaid 
and some great shapes I could cut from 
my Cricket machine for embellishment. 

I had a Royal Crown Brooch for Alex's 
shoe that was embellished with "emeralds" 
and pearls. Just the right size to add to 
the bow. The cutouts for initials caught 
my eye on my Cricket which made it 
perfect in my mind!

 I had so much fun finding the perfect 
designs for her shoe and purse gift card. 

Here is Alex's shoe sitting in her Christmas 
tree. I made them to sit or be hung from a 
loop of ribbon on the heel. 

Alex even liked the monogrammed box 
I made for her shoe.
I'm so glad it fit your Celtic style Alex!

I know you're probably sick of 
holiday things but I have to 
show you a bit of 
my holiday dining room 
on Golden Pond. 

We kept it simple... 
silver and gold.

Tres chic napkins, from a friend 
that knows how I LOVE anything 
French, gave the table 
a special Parisian feel!

Cheap Inexpensive ornaments in a silver 
bowl for an easy centerpiece. 
( China my darling Daddy gave me.)

A lovely tea service from darling hubby.

Beautiful swan ornaments 
from a sweet friend to go with 
my Swan Lake Ballerina.  
( They will be in memory of Henry & Minnie 
that once swam on Golden Pond.)

Okay, I promise you NO MORE 
CHRISTMAS... well, I'm pretty sure. 

Marie and I are trying to get things 
sorted out and cleaned up in our 
studios so we can start on the project list 
that's floating around in our heads. 
You know the list I'm talkin' about! 
It seems endless! 

We'd like to thank Tristen Robin Blakeman
@ Enchanted Revelries
for featuring our December post on 
his blog. If you haven't visited Tristen's 
blog please pop over to see him!



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  1. Hello Dear Friends, I have been waiting and watching for your post and so excited to see it today. Love all the gorgeous goodies and gifts. Everything is so unique and beautifully designed by your talents.
    Love the new business cards. They are gorgeous and as all the vintage treasures. Love the ornaments and the shoe is a wonderful treasure. I am so enjoying it.

    The village was a special part of Christmas and gave such joy to so many. Those visiting and those of us viewing on line. One day I hope to come and see it in person.
    Congrats on your feature too.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments on our trip. Yes, it is back to reality now and back to what we love creating. Wishing you both lots of fun with your ideas. I know they will be fabulous!!

    Have a great weekend.
    Love to you both,

  2. Wow! Amazing post! The village, creations, tablescape, business cards, all of it! Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friends!

  3. You can talk about Christmas all year through. Wow! What a project Marie and family have in the setting up and taking down of that display. It truly is a gift of Christmas to many.

    Beautiful gifts exchanged between you. I think you both nailed it. And your table is exquisite!

  4. Marie's village is, indeed, fabulous. It must have put smiles on many children's faces. How wonderful those wafer cookies are that says "Marie." Seeing the silver tea set that your husband gave you brought back sweet memories for me. My mom had one very similar, and when she passed away, it was handed down to my sister. I just love it, and I remember cleaning it for my mom once or twice. The little shoes are darling, and the chandelier is exquisite.

    I hope the new year is treating you both well so far.


  5. Hello Ladies and Happy New Year to you both! Adored seeing the gifts you gave one another. Edie M. Your cards look smashing and I bet Marie fits perfectly into the slipper you created for her!

  6. Wowwww that tea set is wonderful also so sweet husbunny you have,,,,,,we are lucky girls !!!!...lovve from me...x !

  7. Your new business card is out of this world beautiful, Really! I adore the vintage hankies, they should be framed and hung, so precious. Your table setting is elegant, what a pleasure it would be to dine in such class.

  8. What a fabulous post, full of all kinds of good things! I can see that the village is a huge endeavour, putting it back as well as taking it out, and every moment must be a real pleasure. The business cards are lovely. Oh, and the shoes, fabulous shoes. Do you have a link for the pattern? You're right about marie biscuits, perfect for dunking in tea. I didn't realise you could get them in the US, until Hubby found some. Simple pleasures!

  9. Hi, there!!
    The village is so amazing, and soooo huge!! Oh, I can only imagine how much work it took!! My hat off for this amout of patience and talent!!:)
    I love the tea set that your hubby gave you, I also have something similar, only mine doesn't look so new!:) How nice of him to give you such a present!!
    Hve a great 2014!!

  10. Oh my goodness, that village is something else!!! It looks like quite a chore to put away! I put up a small one under our tree and always dread the packing up process.

    Your sure got a lot of lovely presents! Love the mini chandy:) Happy New Year!!!

  11. TRISTAN IS STILL BLOGGING?He had not blogged for so long, that I just stopped visiting! I must go see him! Oh my friends, this post is so rich with beauty and charm that I don't know where to begin! Edie Marie, thank you first of all for visiting my post. I am so happy to hear that your holiday was fantastic with your family! And to see Marie's work displayed here is so thrilling. Blogland is still for me a place to celebrate everyone's interests and talents!

    Those shoes...oh, how I used to make those, but I had to give up all my paper work to go back to full-time teaching. But I am happy, teaching middle and high school students FRENCH!

    May God richly bless you all! BISOUS BISOUS, Anita

  12. So much richness and beautiful things! My favorite are the Celtic shoe and bag, how fun to share the blog and all these beautiful creations with someone!

  13. What a fabulous village! Love the silver tea service and all the Christmasy things too. Thank you sharing. You linked up at my tea party but that's OK since you shared tea things too. My HOME party goes up in a half hour if you would like to link up to it. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.


  14. Edie Marie, your MA shoes are absolutely exquisite!!! Oh my goodness you are talented. I enjoyed strolling through all the loveliness here. Everything is so beautiful!!
    Thanks for linking up a Project Inspire{d}!!
    Wishing you a week filled with the extraordinary!

  15. What a fantastic post! I love your new business card, and the hankie, it is just beautiful.. Everything is just so lovely.
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words.

  16. Oh goodness!! What work Marie....but thank you for doing it all we appreciated watching it all...we can't even imagine how wonderful it was in person :) Sherry!!!! You are such a sweetie ~ loved seeing all of your goodies you got for Marie and you showing all of your treasures from her ~ you both are too sweet....and we love ya bunches! Karrie and I think we need to "run into" you & Cindy again.....soon!! Perhaps when the weather is better??!!!

  17. Hi Marie and Edie,
    It is so nice to meet you. I love your Christmas village, beautiful table setting and your teacup and Marie cookies look so inviting! Your gifts and creations are lovely! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind words! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  18. Such loveliez ! Love the Marie Antoinette shoes ! and the table with a French taste is so nice too !

    xoxo from PARIS ! So nice weather to day shiny and warm would never think we are in winter.


  19. Such eye candy! Amazing village. What a sight to see and enjoy.

    You two are such talented ladies. Love all the amazing Treasures you each received from each other. I can't believe those shoes are paper! Gorgeous.
    Dreamy table setting, those napkins add such a special touch..
    Love your new business cards, they are perfect!

    Thank you for your visit and such kind words. They really touched my heart ♥

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely post with all of us
    Wishing you both all the best in this New Year ♥.

  20. Oh, how do I begin?!!! Yes, I knew the set up and take down of the incredible village would be a huge task and how fun to see the behind the scenes.
    You guys are such fun friends. I love all of the gifts you received and the business cards top them all (of course the Marie cookies are magnifique!!")
    But I am stunned by your paper shoes. My sister and I (Joni at Red Couch Recipes) have made paper witch shoes, but these are so grand with all of the embellishments - I am in love and so want to give it a try!
    Have a marvelous week!

  21. What an eye-candy, scrumptious feast for the eyes this post was! Wow..both of you gals keep so busy with making lovelies.
    Thank you for sharing the splendor of it all.

  22. The tea set your hubby gave you is divine! The shoe and bag fabric remind me of Burberry plaid; so fashionable! Love everything and all the details!

  23. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.

  24. Hey to the Two Maries - Thanks for the comment you recently left on my blog. I hopped over here to take a look and wanted you to know I love the business card, especially the "Maire" on the card. I even think she came from my website since it's a special colorized version I did of her back in 2012 on post (she's the last color version on that post)

    I left a response to your question back for you on my blog about the paper dolls so I hope you come back and check the response.