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Saturday, February 1, 2014



 I chose the word "LOVE" because it 
conveniently only has 4 letters. (he-he) 

I used a Cricut Machine to cut out my 
shapes but you can cut them by hand 
into any shape you like. 

You'll need 4 pennant shapes cut out 
of scrapbook paper...

4 shapes of oval or round or 
 use 2 of each for variety and 
use different scrapbook paper 
for the different shapes...  

4 heart shapes in the same or 
different colors and shapes... 

the letters LOVE in whatever style 
font you like - you can just cut block 
letters that you've traced or purchase 
letters to use at your craft store. 
I used sparkly paper to add a bit 
of bling of course.  

 This step is totally optional. 
I wanted to ruffle things up a bit so 
I used crepe paper & craft glue to 
gather ruffles by hand and glue down. 
If you do this step make sure your 
shapes dry thoroughly. 

I use my Grandmother's extremely heavy 
iron to press things flat during the glue 
drying process. I also put the item on 
plastic so you can just peel it off in case 
it sticks by accident!  

Ta-Da! Fluff up the ruffles and
you end up with something like this. 

 I taped some paper doily edges 
around the oval shapes to give it 
a special look then used double 
sided tape to adhere them to the 
pennant shapes.

 Next it's time to attach the hearts 
and letters. I used "pop-up" adhesives 
to raise things up and give a dimensional 
look to the pieces. You can find pop-up 
adhesives at any craft store.

 You can see in this photo what 
it looks like popped up.

Now add bling!! 

 My, son the artist, felt the letters 
needed a bit more character so he 
took one of the fine artists pens he 
gifted to me and drew what you 
see below. I have to admit it does 
add something special!

 I had some red & silver sparkle hearts 
so they joined the mix.

To hang the hearts I used a double 
strand of 3" net ribbon in pink to 
thread the pennant pieces onto.
It needed something more... 
and in this case "more is more"! 

I made bows with the net ribbon. 
4 loops on each side, tied in the 
middle with pink curly ribbon. 

 Fluff the bows out and attach 
between the pennant pieces.

   I only added a sparkly gem on the 
point on each pennant.

 Oh you could add all kinds of glitter 
and sparkles, a lot more than I did.

 So here you have it. 
A banner of LOVE!

 I attached mine to my fireplace screen since 
I only have flickering lights in my vintage 
fireplace insert. No flames involved! 

You could hang this in a doorway, 
on a wall, in a window, 
on the headboard of of your bed... 
Ooh-la-la, you could make 
the banner say AMOUR!

Love is in the air so let's celebrate it 
and create something lovely 
for Valentines Day! 

Here's a bit of my Valentine decor 
on Golden Pond.

A Valentine buffet fit for a Queen! 
Oh wait! We HAVE a QUEEN... 
Her Majesty, Queen Marie Antoinette!!
These treats are especially for you 
Marie. I've removed ALL the calories
just as you commanded. 

These are my faux desserts I created 
years ago to use for food decor. 
My little grands LOVE Grandma's 
fake treats! So fun for "make believe".

The 2 layer cake is made of a round 
paper mache box frosted in plaster 
and decorated with a pastry bag 
and tinted plaster. Then garnished 
with pearls. The centerpiece can 
be changed with the event. 

 The round chocolate torte is the lid from 
the paper mache box. Cookies are wood 
shapes frosted with tinted plaster and 
embellished with tiny beads. 
The brownies are cut from styrofoam 
and frosted with brown tinted plaster.

 The candies are stacked buttons glued 
together to make a scrumptious treat. 
Place them in candy papers and the 
illusion is complete.

 My tea service is ready for the Queen! 
Perhaps we'll have lavender tea.

 Maybe she would like a 
chocolate truffle made by the 
Royal Pastry Chef. 
They may be a bit chewy, they're 
actually candles in the shape of 
candy delights that I've had for 
some time now.

 The petit fours and cakes are made 
from styrofoam and lots of plaster 
frosting. Yellow paint on the  
 styrofoam makes it look just 
like cake! What fun!

 Of course the Queen may want a 
sip of champagne or moscata. 
Where are the champagne flutes?
Quick!! The Queen is almost here!!

 I've tucked some special 
Valentine touches here 
and there to add a 
splash of color.

 Vintage Valentines are so sweet.

 My Valentine girl from my 
childhood makes it all 
complete for me. She was given 
to me with flowers in the back 
of her skirt as a gift since I'm 
a February girl.

I'm ready for the Queen of Hearts!

 We're wishing you love, romance, happiness, 
hugs, kisses and more from 
Golden Pond 
Peacock Paradise! 

Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

Banner & post: Edie Marie a loyal subject
Collaboration: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Marie Antoinette
(Yes, we have lots and lots of fun together!)


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  1. Hi Edie, What a wonderful post for the season. I love your banner and the tutorial to design it is great. Love every little detail you add and your son's letter touch too.
    It looks perfect on your fireplace screen.
    The faux treats are delightful. I have some of the same and love to decorate with them. And like you say Marie, no calories.
    I bet the grands enjoy those fun treats and how pretty you have everything displayed on your sideboard.
    All the special décor around your beautiful home is special and I love the last pic. of the little girl with hearts on her skirt. So precious.

    Thanks for all this inspiration. I must get busy creating for Valentines at home. You have inspired me to create a banner.

    Hi Marie, hope you are doing well too. I know you are busy creating something gorgeous. Wishing you both a wonderful first of February.
    Love and Blessings!

  2. Is this NOT wonderful? That we should all engage in the passion of our hearts, to create HEart? To my two dear friends here, this art is what I think we are meant to create to encourage each other, to use the gifts God has given us! To use these chilly days while we are inside, to make magic. Edie Marie, thank you kindly for coming by to visit! And it would be very difficult to explain the unheard of cold that we have had. Not only do we have so much snow, but the temperatures were so bad that school was closed for 5 days in January. We have now spiked up to 20+ above zero, so that's pleasant!

    Wishing you both a marvelous February as you celebrate the loves of your lives. BISOUS BISOUS! Anita

  3. I cannot believe what I am seeing here.. Your banner is simply beautiful, and the faux cake and treats are truly amazing... At one time I had created faux treats, they looked nothing like these beauties! You are so very talented! Thank you Edie Marie for your most welcome visit and kind thoughts..
    Wishing you both a blessed weekend..

  4. Hiya Girls! Edie Marie I LOVE how cute your Valentine's banner turned out...makes me want to run and gather up supplies to make one right this instant! Your tutorial is excellent also. Thank you so much for sharing with us...oh, and how wonderful that your son inherited your artistic talent!! xo...Your "sugary" display is beautiful as well. Those are just the type of sweets I need in my house. Pretty to look at but not to nibble on! How lovely you arranged it all. There is always something wonderful to see here. You girls are so inspiring! I hope you both have a fun, creative week! xoxo

  5. I am following and loving all that you are sharing. February Hearts and Banners of L.O.V.E. and divine treats with no calories...such bliss and creativity abounds. Thank you for visiting my little blog. Joyful Bliss...

  6. Oh, you have a lot of patience, and the decoration came out great!! Now I crave cakes!!:))

  7. Wowwww love that garland !!!..wonderful......thanks for your nice comment on my blogparty today you...have a nice day Ria...x !

  8. The banner is adorable! And I would be trying to eat all those yummy looking treats! ;)

  9. Oh I just "LOVE " it! Your desserts look good enough o eat. :)

  10. Marie, Hi my friend, so lovely to hear from you, I hope all is well and you are "felln fine" I love your faux cakes so fab. Here is an idea why don't we have a tag swap how do you gals feel about that. And one other thing... I tried to go to Kelly's blog but couldn't log in any ideas about why. If you want to do the tag swap lets email the details. big hug

  11. Aaahhh, what a sweet banner - I love it! Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday. The letters that you used for the LOVE is delightful. Oh my, look at all these desserts! They are amazing and yes, fit for a queen. The red shoe wine bottle is so cute, and I absolutely LOVE the little porcelain girl holding the red heart. I am wondering what collection that is from? My mother-in-law has a girl playing the piano that looks similar to this little girl, and I always admire it when I visit her. How special that it was a gift for your birthday when you were a child and you still have it - what a treasure.

    Valentine's Day is in the air on your post today, and it was such a fun one.

    Oh, I loved your comment on my Gypsy post, and loved hearing the story that you told.

    Have a beautiful day.


  12. I LOVE that banner!!! So pretty and creative!

  13. Thank you so much for the garland step-by-step. It's nice to see all the stages carefully explained. I've never made a garland before but I might have a bash at this one, as soon as I decide on a theme for Valentine's dinner with Hubby. Granny's iron is gorgeous! And the faux patisserie is just wonderful! What a lovely idea! Thank you for visiting my blog. You always leave the sweetest comments.

  14. Hello lovely ladies! What a cute and creative banner! And your tea table with all of those wonderful faux desserts, love it! How cute are those button candies?! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  15. Oh my that love banner is lovely! I love the addition of crepe paper. Gives it a vintage feel. The artist definitely gave it a magical touch! Your faux sweets are absolutely fabulous! I have quite a few of them, but mine were purchased. Yours are spectacular! The button candy is so clever! I would love if you shared this with SYC.

  16. Many thanks for the visit - always a pleasure to visit you here!

    Love the banner too!

    Wishing you all a great Valentine's Day next week!

    Lola & Nora:)

  17. Your banner is beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial. And those faux treats are lovely! I will be visiting again!

  18. What a cute valentine banner! The faux treats are safe and pretty!

  19. Hello Ladies,
    And Happy early Valentine's Day! Adore all of your festive ideas! May you always be surrounded in love,

  20. I want to wish my blog partner and and adopted sister...EDIE MARIE!!!! A great big...
    I love you Dearest ! Thank you for all you do.
    EVERYONE !!!! Edie is the brains and the machine behind this blog. She does it all... TRUELY !
    She is my Heart,
    Have a wonderful day Sis !!!
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  21. awwww.....we want a craft day with you girls :) ADORABLE Banner Sherry! AND it looks like happy birthday wishes are in order ~ "Happy Birthday!!!" Marie...we are jealous at the spread your best buddy put out for you girls!!
    Karla & Karrie

  22. You Marie's are quite the team. Everything looks beautiful.
    Lovew the fireplace.

  23. Hello gals, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you this week at SYC.

  24. That banner is so feminine and pretty, and I love the no cal treats! Both are such fabulous ideas. Thanks so much for linking them to my par-tay! laurie

  25. Hello ladies... I was so happy to find your post!... your last two posts have not come through the blogger dashboard for some reason... I saw you had posted at Jann's party and came right over... did you change your URL or anything?... I don't want to miss your posts!... love all of your pretties!... wishing you both a beautiful Valentines Day... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  26. I adore that banner!!! and the sweets bar is totally amazing with all the variety of calorie free beauties. What a wonderful post of LOVE!!!

  27. Wahou ! Incredible ! Before reading I was sure that the cakes were real (even they make me swallow !!) wonderful creations !


  28. Oh my goodness, you are SO crafty! That banner is amazing and those cakes look so real...I'd probably bite into one by accident! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

  29. as always, beautiful creations and inspiration here. Happy happy Valentine's to you both. xoxo

  30. Hi Girls, Just wanted to stop by again and wish you both a wonderful Valentine's Day. I hope your days are special and filled with love and happiness.
    Love to you both and have a great weekend.

  31. Hi Marie and Edie!
    I love that y'all have teamed up together ~ the blog is gorgeous! I'll be by to visit more often, as I am trying to get things in order after a long hiatus. You were sweet to write to me; I've missed you both!
    Hugs, Bebe :)

    P.S. I love feeding the little goldfish on your sidebar ~ cute!!

  32. Hi Girls, thank you for the birthday wishes. Love the new blog look and header. Hope all is going well.
    Keeping you in prayers.