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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sewing Machine Drawer Makeover

This past winter I showed you 
the Sewing Machine Drawers 
that I purchased at our local 
Antique Mall. 

I pondered for months what 
I wanted to do with them 
and finally came to the conclusion 
to incorporate them into my 
little birdhouse table. 
It would create a useful unit 
that could hold LOTS of odds 
and ends that we all love to 
have on hand to create with. 
Plus it would free up shelf space 
and put them out where I can 
enjoy them everyday! 

My brother was visiting for a 
few days and this became our 
project while he was here. 

We purchased a nice piece of wood 
that would become the top of 
the two sewing machine drawer 
units. My brother cut the wood into
the size we needed with curved corners 
at the front.   

( Let's pretend there's a great photo of my brother
using the jigsaw here! I'm SURE I took one!!)

All the pieces were painted white 
to unify them then scuffed up for 
that worn look. I had a brain storm 
when I happened to spy an old 
measuring tape in black & white 
that's been in my sewing box 
for years. It was the perfect size 
for edging the top! 

(That's right, no photo of the painting or 
attaching the measuring tape being glued!) 

But here's a pic of the units with the top 
on them. It's just resting on top so I can 
make future changes if I want to. 

 As you can see I tucked 2 plain sewing 
machine drawers in the space between the 
drawer units. There was just enough room 
to tuck in my Clark's Thread tin! 

Next I added 2 fancier drawers on top of 
the wood piece and filled them with lots  
of trims and things. 

I love how they look peeking out! 

 Then a brainstorm for the center section 
and a great repurpose/reuse. 

 I'm allowed to have cashews on my 
eating plan and they come in these great
plastic containers from Aldi's! I wash them 
thoroughly, edge with tape around the label 
(that's right I don't even take the label off),
and paint the label with blackboard paint! 

 I purchased a Bistro Chalk Marker 
at Joanne Fabrics & Crafts to write 
on the chalkboard labels. I like it so 
much better than actual chalk. It 
washes off with soap & water but 
doesn't rub off like chalk. 

 I sorted all my little odds and ends into 
categories and had fun with the marker. 

Michaels had these adorable photo boxes 
that were Paris inspired and I knew would 
look great with the black & white. 

 So there you have it. 
All my sewing drawers are packed 
with vintage bindings & ribbons & such. 

I added a couple vintage items from my 
Mom's sewing machine drawers to 
remind me of the hours she sat at 
her machine making clothes for me 
or sewing bridesmaids dresses. 

It's been a fun project! 

Marie sent me a couple metal pictures 
from her studio that needed a new home. 
Perfect for my window on the birdhouse 
table. I added a rosette I fashioned from 
a crocheted doily my Grandma Meme 
made many many years ago. 

Marie made the gorgeous fan you 
see on the wall. I think it looks fabulous! 

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

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  1. WOW Edie Marie, this is gorgeous. I love how this sewing machine unit turned out. Such a wonderful and creative way to store all your goodies for creating.
    I love the chalk board jars and marking them with the chalk pen. I was reading about those and I am certainly getting one too. I love the fact that there is no chalk dust either.
    You have everything beautifully organized too. Marie's Paris boutique sign is perfect hanging there and her fan is simply gorgeous. I love it and of course you know I love the black.

    Such a great addition to your studio my friend and wonderful storage at the same time.
    You are amazing!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

    Hi Marie, thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers your way.

    Love to you girls.

  2. Dear Edie Marie,

    What beautiful work you did on the drawers, and well,
    all of it! So nice of your brother to cut the top wood for you.. Looks great! Love the idea of the chalkboard paint for the labels. You are just so creative.

    It was such a joy to see you had come for a visit..
    I don't know what is going on, but your posts are not showing up on my dashboard.. So I guess I will need to just check in.. I have miss you and Marie. Hello dear Marie.
    Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet note for Cosmo.

  3. Good morning dear and wonderful Edie Marie!

    First of all, thank you kindly for coming to visit me yesterday! My work at the school is time-consuming and keeps me away from the computer more often these is so lovely to hear from you and that life at Golden Pond is truly golden...

    Your makeover here is FABULOUS! I must get one of those chalk markers and make some signs in FRENCH! Great restoration and use of those antique drawers with such detail!

    As I read your comment yesterday, I was reminded of SEVEN YEARS AGO (well, January, it will make seven years since I've been blogging!) how you were my very first BLOG FRIEND. Thank you for those great memories ma chère!!!!

  4. oh my heavens Sherry! You've been such a busy girl! Love this project...and as we scrolled down...HELLO!!! That crafting room is AMAZING :) You'll need to help us out with ours lol! You two sweeties have a wonderful week!!!
    love, Karla & Karrie

  5. Look how clever you are! What a great re-purpose of items ~ love that black and white tape measure!

  6. What a fabulous and oh so creative makeover! Genius! Thanks for sharing such great ideas Edie Marie! x

  7. I love that you take care of the littlest of details , and so you get a very completed look! Such an attention to detail! Love that!