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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yard Sale Find

One thing I miss in the fall is a 
good YARD SALE! 

This summer I snagged some great 
"finds" for my studio makeover. 
One little gem is my new/old 
bulletin board for $5.00 !! 

I'm using it more as a place to decorate. 
Remember the bulletin boards in 
your school classroom and how fun 
some teachers would decorate them? 

I added a piece of lace trim that 
my Grandma crocheted, a heart 
shaped basket that my sweet sis 
gave me years ago, along with 
a muslin angel I created with 
twine hair. Oh and of course a 
reminder to call Marie!

It's amazing how one person's trash 
really can become another person's 
 sweet treasure! 

Happy treasure hunting! 

Blessings & love, 
Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

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  1. Hi Edie, Love your great find turned reminder board and inspirations to enjoy. Love your heart basket and the pretty crochet your grandmother made. Nice addition under your clock.
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration with your find. Hope you get to some great sales this season.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hi Marie~~
    Love you girls,

  2. You have a great blog, love if you share you posts on Fabulous Friday Party Thanks

  3. I miss yard sales too, or car boot sales as they're called in the UK. I've just had my bedroom redecorated and I can't wait to create a new mood board to inspire me.

    Victoria x

  4. Great post...I need one of those boards.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  5. Finding little treasures that you love is so great, that is exactly why I like yard sales! Your buletin board is so cute, I love how you styled it!

  6. Good morning, lovely ladies: Isn't it amazing how something so mundane as a bulletin board can turn out to be a beautiful piece of art Job well done...Happy Thursday..Judy

  7. What a great little find! I love how you've decorated it :)

  8. Hello ladies. Truly lovely things you have found. It is true, one man's junk is another's treasure. Enjoy. Happy November.

  9. Thanks for sharing this at my last Fabulous Friday party, hope you can come to my party this Friday to share more of your pretty posts. Thanks Maria

  10. oh that is just toooo sweet girls:) sending you lots of hugs!!
    Karla & Karrie