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Friday, April 10, 2015


I saw a vintage triple birdcage at 
our local antique mall about a 
year ago and it was love at 
first sight! 

This is not the birdcage but a similar style. 

Only problem was it was $250! 
Can we say way out of my price range? 
Well someone finally bought it and 
ended my misery but I couldn't get 
it out of head! 
Does that ever happen to you? 

I looked on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon 
and found gorgeous vintage 
birdcages with big BIG price tags. 
We're talking from $300 to $1000... 

I've always loved birdcages. 
 I have the little birdcage 
from my childhood that 
my pet parakeet,"Petey", 
lived in along with other 
birdcages I've collected through 
the years. So why do I need 
another one?

Can we say Birdcage Addict? 

So I had to put on my thinking cap 
and get creative since I just  
had to have a triple birdcage 
to sit in our bay window that 
faces Golden Pond. 

Alas, I stopped by Joanne Fabrics 
one day to see they were putting 
out their new Spring stock. 
I suddenly heard angels singing 
and there they were... 
different sizes of birdcages! 

What if I put different sizes of 
birdcages together to "build" a 
triple birdcage?? 
Let's give it a try! 

I purchased one large and two medium 
cages and a package of wooden knobs 
for feet on the bottom. We must have feet! 
The knobs have a flat area on them 
so they should work just fine. 

I found my bottle of favorite paint,
in Magnolia White and started 
painting them. 
I love this soft color because it's a 
great "off" white that goes 
with everything. 

I tried different methods of gluing 
the feet on the metal birdcages and 
finally resorted to my J-B Kwik Weld 
which worked beautifully. 

I mixed small globs (technical term) 
of it to work with since it sets up 
pretty quick and also added 
a dot of hot glue at the top flat edge 
of the knob for a quick temporary 
adherence while the J-B set up
After several batches of J-B all the 
"feet" were securely attached. 

 They look so cute!
It's the little things that make your 
heart sing!  

Next how to connect them together... 
I zip tied through the decorative trim 
and it worked great. Just trim off the long 
pieces that stick out of the connection point. 
Easy Peasy! 

I had a great time making it and saved 
a ton of $$. 
With the percentage off on their 
spring items and the percentage off 
on my total purchase coupon I 
spent about $60. 
(It was a birthday gift from Hubby. 
Thanks sweetie!) 


my vision is complete. 

I added my favorite French inspired 
tassel and sat back and admired it! 

Hope you enjoyed my project.  

What have you been up to lately? 

Love & blessings, 

Marie Antoinette 
Edie Marie



  1. Hi Edie, LOVE your triple birdcage project. How fabulous it looks in your window seat. You did an amazing job and the addition of the feet is perfect. It is those little touches that bring the look all together and like you said, saved tons of dollars. I love the dry brush look with the paint too. Magnolia white is one of my favs too. White, but with a soft ivory look, not stark.
    Just beautiful my talented friend. Love it. You are such an inspiration. I collect bird cages too.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Say hello to your family and Wes.

    Hi Marie, hope you are doing well and sending you hellos and hugs too.

    Love to you both, CM

  2. This is an absolute delight! And you have inspired me to do something similar - it's just too clever by half. Your work is so skillful it looks like it was made that way a century ago. brava brava brava!

  3. I love birdcages too, but yes, the "real" ones are always so expensive! You found some lovely ones at JoAnne's! I'll have to take a ride over there, because I'm looking for one to make a fairy garden type theme with. Great job and find!

  4. You did a super job of creating a lovely cage. Very innovative. I am just glad to know others out there have dreams of big dollar items and can't spend that much!!! I find many fun ones on Pinterest also. I now store my crafting lace and fabric in several. ..Thanks for sharing your fun project.

  5. Oh my! How beautiful and creative! Wish I could think outside the box like this. =D