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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I love the second hand store in 
our town. I stopped by there the other
day and spotted a set of three black 
wooden tray tables for a mere $15. 

I've been looking for something to 
hold all the racks/containers I have that 
hold all the little things I like to have 
within my reach. And of course it 
has to be cheap, I mean inexpensive.  

All I needed was a little soap and water 
and VOILA, instant solution! 
The trays fit under the edge of my 
work table, they don't disturb the air vent 
in the floor and hold all that stuff!

 It's freed up the top of my work table 
and bookcase...

 and freed up space in my shelving units... 

 AND kept three sturdy tray tables 
from going to a landfill. Not 
to mention I didn't even have to paint 
them black to go with my studio

Life is good! 

Do you have any great 
"trash to treasure"

Blessings dear friends! 

Marie Antoinette 
Edie Marie


  1. Can't say I've been going from trash to treasure over here lately...but.... and, big BUT ....I found some really pretty boxes at Home Sense the other day and I've decided I must get rid of some plastic containers and put some pretty things into beautiful boxes to place on the walk in closet shelf. Right now there are 5 plastic containers...ick...... and, I want pretty ....even to store STUFF ... crafting stuff to be precise. I haven't yet found a 'thing' that can roll under my big crafting table..but, I keep my eyes open. I have a lovely IKEA rolling cart with drawers... and would't you know it.... 2 inches to high to fit under it is an end table for the lamp and some other things... hahhahha... but, some day...I'm gonna find me a rolling many drawered thingy to go under that table... and, is that gonna free up some area on top of the table or what?!!
    You're area looks sooooo organized and within easy reach now....

  2. Hi Edie, what a wonderful trash to treasure project. Just look at how much work space you have and great storage and organization. You sure found a deal and those tray tables really made a difference. Plus, you didn't have to paint them. How great is that. I know you are going to enjoy your studio having them as a helper.
    You make me want to start all over in my studio!!

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday evening and great week ahead.

    Hi Marie, did you get storms last night? We had tornadoes all around us and 60 plus mph winds. Thankfully our winds were calmer but we had lots of rain and hail. Well, this is springtime in Texas.

    Sending love to you both. Have a great week.
    Hugs, CM

  3. Very nice finds! Perfect for what you needed and the right color...can't beat it. My favorite recent flea market find was a hand-sewn dolly quilt. When it's wrapped around the dolly, it hardly takes up any room, but it is not solving problem the way your tables are.

    1. insert an "a" before problem

      My typos bug me so!