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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fabulous Daaaling, Simply Fabulous!

I have some beautiful things to show 
you today! 

I have a new t-shirt that I created and 
would like to share with you. 
It involves my favorite lady icon of course, 
Marie Antoinette! 

I came across this picture of Marie 
for a Coke ad and thought it would 
be perfect on a shirt. 

WOULD things have gone better with Coke?? 
Well they couldn't have gone any worse.

I just LOVE how it turned out. 
It's kinda "casual chic"! 

And I just bet you spied the 
most gorgeous brooch ever 
on my new shirt... 

a birthday gift from Julie Marie 
@ Idyllehours. Julie is such a dear friend  
and it was so sweet of her to send me 
this gorgeous pin! 
Thank you so much Julie! 

I've been busy in my studio. 
You KNOW it's been way too hot in the 
south to do only the necessities outdoors. 
So I've taken some time to create a 
new Theater Doll... 
The Peacock Theater Doll. 

I had so much fun designing and making her!  
She's holding a birdcage in one hand
(which contains a tiny nest and eggs 
and has an itty bitty key dangling from it) 
and her other hand holds up her dress 
and the peacock fan made of very 
small peacock feathers.

The "Theater" scene mimics  the 
doll and is full of beautiful scenery 
thanks to Rhonda of Rhonda's Originals

I had so much fun designing her hat, 
complete with a peacock peering out!  
You can also see her tiny cameo necklace.

Here's a glance at the back of her gown. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my 
newest doll. She'll be going on sale 
on my Marie Antionette Etsy.

Stay cool my darlin's 
and have yourself a great week! 


Hi sweet friends, Edie here! 

Just wanted you to see a cute pic of 
Marie at her computer... 

Now you know what she 
"really" looks like! LOL

Til we meet again, 
May God bless each one of you, 



  1. Hello sweet Marie... love your new Marie teeshirt!... and I am so happy you love your little brooch... your new theater doll is GORGEOUS!!!... and I love the photo of you in the pretty Oriental blouse and hat... also the photo of "you" and your computer, tee hee hee... that Edie, what a tease!... hello Edie!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. BONJOUR VOUS DEUX! Hello you TWO!!!!!!

    Oh Marie, you are just GORGEOUS, WOMAN! You can double for M.A. AND a lovely Asian goodness life has been good to YOU!

    AND YOU Edie dearest, LOOK at your sweet pic of Marie at her 'puter.......teeeheeee

    Thank you darlings for coming to visit me today. I hope the heat has not overwhelmed you as it has us; last week was a killer at 100+ temps daily but now we are down to the 80s and loving it.

    GORGEOUS DOLLS MARIE! If you have a chance, go to my Etsy shop and see the Marie Antoinette inspired paper shoes I have been making, and a dress! FUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

    Love to you both, Anita

  3. Marie, she is just gorgeous with the peacock colors!!! You must have so much fun creating them. I bet once you get started the ideas just fly. And you have your beautiful birds for inspiration. xo

  4. oh how fun love what you are dong (:) hugs..Patty.gorgeous wallpaper too ~!!

  5. Love your tee shirt and your dolls are so beautiful! I'm in a circle journal group and the last journal sent to me had the theme of Marie Anttoinette and it was so much fun to work in it.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Hi Marie Antoinette and Edie,

    Enjoyed catching up with you and love your fabulous tee shirt and brooch.
    Also how beautiful your Peacock Theater Doll is, love the pretty colours.

    Thanks for visiting me and I hope you have a happy week

  7. Dear Marie,
    Love your new Tshirt design. You look fabulous in it and the pretty brooch from our dear Julie Marie is gorgeous.
    Your theater doll is just beautiful. You are amazing and the details are incredible. Love the last pic of you pretty girl.
    Always so special to see you smiling and I pray feeling better.
    Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the week.
    Talk to you soon.
    Love and prayers, Celestina Marie

  8. Hello Marie ~ love the tshirt ~ so WELL as your newest creation! Love the color, it is just gorgeous :)
    Keep that creativity up!!
    Karla & Karrie

  9. Hi Antoinette!

    Many thanks for stopping by.Great to hear from you again!

    Hope you’re having a great week and a great weekend ahead too!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  10. Your t. is great Marie A! And especially I like your doll holding a birdcage! Happy to see YOU so happy!!


  11. thank you dear on my little chirpy passing on..
    Good luck with your baby pheasant care ..fingers crossed here (:)