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Friday, July 6, 2012

Surprise Birthday Gifts from Afar

Birthdays are so fun because there's 
always some kind of surprise that seems 
to appear from the nicest people! 

Look at these beautiful things I received 
from Celeste @ Celestina Marie Designs
Celeste is the most incredible artist and she 
painted a gorgeous swan plate for my 
master bathroom. She also painted 
this sweet pink rose plate and they 
both came with stands 
 of their very own!! 
And some wonderful "Paris" bath 
goodies from Bath & Bodyworks. 
I also got the darling candle with roses 
for that relaxing candlelit bubble bath 
I'm looking forward to in my new tub. 

Thank you Celeste from the bottom of 
my heart! I LOVE everything!! 
You are one of the sweetest ladies I know! 

If you're looking for a special gift for that 
special loved one look no further... 
you can hop over to Celeste's Etsy for 
a unique handcrafted item that will 
be a sure winner! 


More gifts? 
I think somebody likes me or something. 

This is what my dear friend "Edie" 
sent me for my special day... 

a bottle that she decorated with 
all kinds of bling & fru-fru 
(those are technical words) 

on both sides 
for 2 different looks! 

And look at what that ornery gal 
sent me... 

Yes, you're seeing right... 
No.2 by Poo-Pourri! 
It included a roll of TP and 
a special spray with a saying on 
the back, Hmmm, let's look closer at 
what it says...

"Spray the Loo Before No.2
and No One Will Ever Have a Clue!"  

Well even Hubby got a kick out of that! 
So it is proudly perched 
on the shelf over my "loo" to be 
seen by anyone entering my 
master bathroom... LOL!!

I asked "Edie" to recreate one of the 
shoes she had made for the 
Marie Antoinette Shoe Swap that 
we were in and this was in with 
my birthday gifts... 

with a back finished quite nicely. 

Thank you Sherry... I mean "Edie" 
for the sweet gifts. 
They make me feel so special. 

I appreciate all the lovely cards and 
other gifts I received and for all 
the beautiful comments you left me 
wishing me a Happy Birthday!! 

God bless each one of you 
til we meet again...


Post written for Marie by her partner in blogland, Edie!


  1. Beautiful gifts from Celeste and Edie dear Marie... I hope your birthday was wonderful!... love you, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Happy Birthday Marie! Those are some pretty awesome gifts that could have only come from very special friends :).

    Looks like we are all in a bit of a rose craze now :)

  3. Hi Marie, so sweet of you to share your gifts. It was a joy to paint those for you. Edie I just love the gifts you sent Marie. What a fun No.2 poo pouri gift. Love the shoe you created. It is just so chic. What a talent you are with everything you create. I just love the crown bottle you designed too.

    Love to you both always, CMD