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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Not Just A Lampshade...

 not anymore! 
Don't toss those old lampshade frames 
out... they're a new craze in upscale 
decor these days.

Google search

The white frames on white lamps look  
so tres chic with these old books. 
What do you bet they spray painted 
the lamps and the shades... 
the rainbow is at your fingertips! 

Skona Hem Magazine - Sweden

This is so adorable! 
Who'd a thunk??  
Some place for all those faux birdies 
to lite that have been nesting 
in your drawer!

Mathieu Challieres

And why is it MY mind can't contrive 
such great ideas with such simple things? 
A lampshade frame and a candle... 
I hate when my mouth gapes open in 
pure disbelief and awe!  

Google search

Look how they've just added some 
silky fringe to the bottom edge of 
these shades and used a large round bulb.  
I'd love to eat in this darling bistro... 
wonder what's on the menu. 
French? Italian?
Google search

Here they've sewn on whatever was in 
the scrap pile it looks like and it turned 
out quite interesting. 
Google search

Look what Antropologie has to 
offer. All kinds of shapes. 


You can wrap the wire frame with ribbon 
or fabric if you want a special look.

This is a nice inspiration of what I 
wanted to try to do in my Studio...  

so I dug out an old lampshade with a 
dry rotted fabric on it and did some surgery!
The demo work was quite enjoyable
I must say.  

I hung the "naked" shade from a plant
hook in the ceiling with some lightweight 
chain and "S" hooks.  Easy enough.

Marie had made me a darling fru-fru ball 
from vintage pattern tissue and peacock 
feathers that fit perfectly up in 
the top of the shade.

I needed a place to display the 
gorgeous Marie Antoinette shoe that 
Marie made for me so it's spotlighted 
in the center of the shade. 

Then I put leftover drapery rings w/clips 
on each of the shoes from the 
Marie Antoinette Shoe Swap 
and hung them around the edge with 
ribbons and such. 

It will be a great place to put those 
snippets of ribbons we can't bear 
to toss and sparkly Christmas 
ornaments too pretty to pack away.

Now I have a wonderful place to hang those 
darling little items that I love to see in 
my Studio. I had some tiny crystals 
that I hung from fishing line too.  
The cost: $0.00!

My friend "Kitty" found three incredible 
old lampshades in her attic and now has 
a new hanging chic decor in the corner 
of her awesome front porch. 
She had a problem with glue that wouldn't 
come off on one so she just spray painted 
all of them to give them a unifying effect. 
Cost: $0.00! 
(I'm seeing a pattern here)


I found lots of ideas on Pinterest. 
(yes I LOVE Pinterest - too much) 

Here's a photo holder... 

a photo/memo holder using a drum 
shade on a lazy susan... 

a table... 

a plant stand... 

a planter made from a 
shade covered in chicken wire... 

a hanging planter, 
just add chain, chicken wire and moss... 

a shade with strands of buttons... 

crocheted pieces for a Boho look... 

and even different laces stretched 
around and sewn together - 
so cute for a dressing table or 
a little girls room. 

I even found this hanging 
lamp idea from Ikea on Pinterest 
that would be so easy to recreate 
with the right lampshade frame. 

Hope we put a new "light" on that old 
tattered lampshade you've got 
stashed in the back of your closet!! 

Get it out and start creating!

Well back to my studio in the "attic" -
blessings til next time... 

"Edie" & Marie



  1. This is awesome Sherry!!!...WOW!!!I love the the one you made of course.All your pretties on it.LOL...Well! I have to say though that the shade with the buttons nearly took my breathe away.LOL...
    This is a Just to BOHO...I love it.
    I'm sure glad you are my partner.
    XXOO Marie

  2. Gorgeous post Sherry baby! Those are such great ideas. And i'm sure glad to know the difference between BOGO and BOHO. LOLZ!

  3. A little confused here this is not a Marie post ? In any event, I echo everyone! Love it! And I think your version of the naked lamp rocks!

  4. Hi Edie,
    What a fabulous post. Wow I will be doing something with a lamp shade for sure. Love your creation in your studio.
    Yes we do have to catch up soon. It has been too long.
    I am with Larry for the weekend. He scooped me up to go with him on his work trip here in Florida. It is doing me good. I will be back on Sunday.
    Thank you for stopping by. Talk soon.
    Love ya and hello to Wes too.
    Hey Marie!!
    Celestina Marie
    Ps I am on my phone, just had to check in! Lol lol

  5. Oh girls...this is darling! Last night i found a fun thing to do with plain white shades that we can do for a post....but now you're going to have us hunting for ones to tear appart ~ lol!! Darling examples....and you're version is just adorable :) Do enjoy your weekend!!
    Karla & Karrie


    Oh, what you can do with a lampshade frame is limitless!!! AND I put a child's TUTU on mine, so now I have this fluffy shade and I love it.

    THANK YOU MARIE for visiting today! I hope you are enjoying your summer, the BOTH OF YOU!!! Anita

  7. I haven't seen these but wouldn't one look wonderful with seashells! I love these ideas! Hugs!

  8. Loved this post so much, I had to come visit again. Thank you for sharing this great post and all your wonderful info. You girls ROCK!!
    Have a great Tuesday~~
    Love ya, Celestina Marie

  9. Hello Marie Antoinette,

    Great post! Have you thought about turning one of your fabulous dolls into a lamp?
    Just saying...:o)


  10. Hey Girls, I just love viewing this post again. Such amazing ideas.
    Got your email Marie. Love what Sherry said about the heat. That's a good one!! I'll have to tell Lar. LOL LOL

    Thanks for the trip wishes. I will see you soon.
    Love you dear ones, Celestina Marie

  11. bistro --oh I want ta eat there ~!!
    Love love the frames//lamps darling ideas..thanks..