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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Christmas Theatre Doll and Madeline's Kind Heart

Once upon a time in a land far far away, 
there unfolded a tiny little theater 
that lived beneath the the lace and 
ruffles of Mrs. Christmas' fine gown. 

She loves to tell her stories for they 
all have a happy ending. 

As the theater curtains open a scene 
comes to life that appears to be a Victorian Parlor. 
A lovely scene of Christmas long ago.

There she is, sweet Madeline. 
She insisted on giving all her toys to 
the children at the orphanage. 
You see Madeline has a huge heart of gold. 
She's generous to a fault, as they say. 
But she does not consider it a fault at all. 
Madeline considers it a true blessing 
to give. A lesson many grownups 
have never learned. 
"Others" are far more important 
to her than herself. 

She has asked Santa for gifts only
for the sweet little orphans this Christmas.
To her surprise Santa Claus visited her home 
during the silence of the night. He has filled 
her stocking with candies and fruits 
and left special gifts under her tree 
as reward for her kind and gentle ways.

Soon you can be sure that Madeline will take 
even those lovely gifts and bless 
other children less fortunate than herself. 

To Madeline that is the best gift of all! 

The theater curtains slowly close until yet 
another story unfolds.  


The end... for now.


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Edie & Marie 

~ Fabulous art items by Marie ~
~ Story by Edie ~ 



I received a phone call from Marie 
today to let me know she and her 
family are okay in Mississippi. 
Isaac has dropped lots and lots of 
rain on them and Marie's property is 
quite flooded. The main road is flooded 
and closed and they have been without 
electricity for 3 days. 
Please keep Marie and all her loved 
ones in your prayers! They are very 
appreciated!! Your prayers make a 

Thanks & God bless, Edie 



The water stopped rising just before 
it reached Marie's house. 
It has started to recede!!  
Please continue to keep Marie & 
family in your prayers as they 
begin to recover from the flooding. 

Many thanks, EDie  


  1. Hello,

    Love this Christmas theater. It's just amazing!


  2. So beautiful ladies!... I am not quite ready for Christmas yet though, but everything is just gorgeous!... and I am the lucky owner of one of those stunning stockings!... the Madeline theater doll is so pretty, and I love the message and the story she tells... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hello my Sherry,
    Yes,As of about 6pm.I got my power back on.We are wet but fine.Thats another story.
    As for this post...Sherry Thank God for you.Its a beautiful post.You are so good at this.You make my dolls and creations so Fab.
    I love you Big Sis,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  4. MA BELLE EDIE!!!!!!

    The first thing I want to say is MERCI for coming to visit me! IT IS SO NICE TO SEE YOU....I cannot believe that almost FIVE YEARS have gone by since YOU AND I MET on BLOGGER.

    I am so happy to hear about your NEW EYES!!! I wish I didn't have to wear glasses but I cannot have that surgery because of the type of vision I have. BUT BRAVO FOR YOU MY DEAR! And it is good to hear that Marie is many people have had to have a repeat of this horrible natural disaster. Thank God for the receding waters!

    Creations are abounding here and there....we are having FUN making our hearts visual in our art.

    HUGS TO YOU and thank you for your kindness! GOOD LUCK or rather, GOD be with you in your surgery!! Anita

  5. Love the Christmas theater, Mrs. Christmas is beautiful. The Christmas stockings are gorgeous. My daughter were just talking last night about getting busy on Christmas shopping. Hugs...Lu

  6. Dear Marie,
    Your dolls are amazing. I just love your newest and all the details are fabulous!!
    Love your stockings too and love mine every holiday.
    So glad you are okay and power back on. Many prayers for you my friend.

    Hi Edie/Sherry, Sending you big hugs for Tuesday and prayers coming your way.

    Love you girls.
    Happy Labor Day!!
    xo CM