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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Kitchen Girls Sizzlin' Hot Shop!

While visiting my BFF Kitty in 
northern Ohio we took a trip 
to Helena Ohio to visit a favorite place of ours 

The owners, two sisters, Karrie & Karla 
are the most personable sweetest gals 
you'd ever hope to meet. 

You're instantly treated with this quaint 
setting when you park in back of their shop. 

The front porch is a scene of lemonade 
waiting for guests. 

How cute is this idea they shared on 
their blog, tie a vintage hankie around your 
glass to identify your beverage and help 
with condensation drips. 

Collar of Vintage Lace and fill with whatever's 
blooming in your garden. 

These solar balls are so cool at night in 
the garden. 

And then as the angels played their harps 
we opened the front door and gazed upon 
this heavenly vision... 

can you hear them??

The colors of summer? 

The call of the sea?

Gorgeous sea glass vases & sea shell dishes.

The perfect signs for the beach house 
or cottage at the lake. 

Toile... be still my heart!

They give a great tutorial on their 
blog for how to make this Chandy 
and it's even cooler in person. 

Then of course there's the Coconut Lime 
Candles they sell. 
You've got to go on this post and 
listen to "You Put the Lime in the Coconut"

Great vignettes. 

So wish I would have gotten 
one of these cool cloches! 

Sassy Aprons!

This Sinatra CD was playing while we 
were shopping and Oh how I love his 
music in my "almost" golden years. 

Pretty dishes. LOTS! 
Loved them all.

There was wonderful things everywhere... 
oh to be wealthy in such a shop as theirs!

I'm in love with things that have 
numbers on them... 
yes that's right, another wish I'd bought! 

Herb stamped silverware. 

Fabulous Herb Markers. 

Now look how adorable this vintage table 
is with the chalkboard painted top. 

The most adorable little trinket boxes. 
Je t'aime... sigh. 

These little charms at the checkout were 
so wonderful and all so apropos for 
my loves & inner thoughts.  

And my favorite... 

but did I get it... no! 
Wish I had!!

I did purchase a few special finds... 

an adorable little Paris dish, 

a sewing machine drawer 
already in use holding spools of ribbon... 

and some darling herb signs I 
couldn't resist. 
(Don't look at my herbs - eesh!)

Tied to my bag was a pretty lime ribbon 
and the charm that I was going to purchase,
as their gift to me! 
How sweet is that?!

I wanted it because the reverse 
side has a lock to go with a very 
special key I made a necklace out of. 

We had a grand time! 

 Karla - Edie - Karrie

Thank you for being so special girls!!

You can visit Karla & Karrie at 
Summer Kitchen Girls Blog
They share their great shopping places, 
upcycling ideas, wonderful recipes, 
decorating tips, you name it.
Please stop by and tell them "Edie" 
sent you! 

Blessings to all of you out there! 


  1. Sherry,
    This post is sizzing hot.The shop is AMAZING !!! Your sewing drawer is to die for.I Would be like a chicken with its head cut off.Which way to go first.
    Wonderful post Sherry.
    PS You girls are also Sizzing hot!!!

  2. Way cool place...loved a lot of these tips and the sign about owning a beach house made me laugh. You did very well, Sherry, not to go crazy in that shop. I might have spent the mortgage. =D

    Shoot! That beautiful music of yours is going again and I may not be able to leave... LOL!

  3. Sherry dearest :) thank you for such a beautiful post! We had so much fun visiting with you ~ so happy you and your BFF came ~ LOVE YA!!!!
    Karla & Karrie

  4. Oh Edie, What fun to be in this shoppe. I love it and could spend lots of time here and dollars too.
    Your friends looks like they are lots of fun and I love the pic of your three together. Edie you are beautiful.
    Love the treasures you purchased and how nice they sent you off with a darling gift.
    I am loving numbers on things too.
    Thank you for sharing this special spot in Ohio. I will have to visit if I get to come up sometime. I will always let you know.
    Big hugs and lots of love my friend.
    Celestina Marie


    Oh, it is so good to see you again! MERCI POUR ÊTRE VENUE to my blog! What a darling shop; you know, I believe a shop is a wonderful place to make friends. Anyone who has gone through the pain and steps to open up a shop deserves customers who really appreciate what they do, and our patronage. I love to enter a shop and talk and peruse, BUY and return. When that shop owner sees you, they not only hope you will buy, but they appreciate knowing that someone admires what they do.

    YOU LOOK GREAT! Give my love to our beautiful Marie Antoinette, and thank you for viewing my Etsy items!!! BISOUS MA CHÈRE, Anita

  6. OH.....BTW, I had to, I just HAD TO PIN that sign that says, "You don't know how many friends you have until you have a beach house." teehee

  7. Hi there Edie and Marie,
    thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for such wonderful words about me and my studio.
    I will certainly go back and visit your blog where you present such wonderful things.
    Eva Agnes

  8. what a fabulous shop and I have to visit their blog. Love the colors of the sea. I can't wait to get to the ocean at the end of this month! And I adore that idea of the vintage hankies on the drinking glasses. I am going to do that for our company coming to dinner Sunday. :)

  9. oh so nice to see you again!!! great shop so many wonderful treasures!!! xo Laura

  10. I'd love to visit this shop. So many interesting and pretty things to see. I enjoyed the tour. Almost as good as being there.
    Thank you so much for your recent visit. Your kind words mean a lot to me.