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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pea Green with Envy!

I've been busy in my studio 
creating my latest Theater Doll. 
She was so much fun to make!

She's my Baroque Theater Doll.  
I dressed her in a beautiful satiny 
green, light blue and pale mauve 
striped fabric that has a bit of 
shimmer in the light.

She carries a candelabra to light the way.  

Her skirt opens up to a scene of... 
is it Marie and Louie? 

She holds a candelabra to light the way also.

Are they waiting together while the 
Palace at Versailles is stormed by the 
French Peoples Revolutionaries? 

Or is it a young couple in their sitting room 
ready to enjoy some gentle harp music?  

You decide. 

The theater is your story to tell. 

I thought you'd enjoy the detailing on 
her hat. I love creating these tiny treasures. 

The Baroque Theater Doll 
can be found on my Etsy Shop, 
Marie Antionette. Take a look at 
my theatre dolls and my 
Paper Dolls. 
Here's some new Paper Dolls I've 
 added recently to my Etsy


Things could have gone better with Coke!


I received a special surprise 
in the mail the other day! 
Carmen Willis,
whose Marie Antoinette Shoe I received in 
the Shoe Swap several months ago,
sent me Lavender from her own garden. 
A lovely bouquet of it and a Lavender Wand 
that she made herself, a work of art!  

She even sent me a beautiful sachet filled 
with lavender and mint that she grew herself. 

Thank you for such a sweet gift Carmen! 
It was such a wonderful surprise!!


Well that's it for now my friends. 
Back to the studio for more 
fun creating!! 


This post written for Marie by "Edie". 

Next time Edie will tell you about 
her visit to the Summer Kitchen Girls 
in Helena, Ohio.  


  1. Hello,

    Love your new theater doll! Fabulous!


  2. Oooh your new theater doll is just stunning my friend!... and I do especially LOVE her hat!... and your paper dolls are so very pretty too... glad you are enjoying time creating... your gifts from your friend are also fabulous!... wishing you a beautiful week, xoxo Julie Marie Hello Edie!

  3. MARIE ANTOINETTE MY DEAR! I just went over to your Etsy shop and there are so many goodies that I could not decide which ones to "favorite!" Oh your work is exquisite my dear. Thank you for visiting my blog to see my paper creations.

    I hope you are well and give a big BONJOUR to Edie!! Anita

    oh all your creations are so lovely and FUN.. thanks on my heads/hat -Love painting ..hugs.Patty

  5. sure to tell Mademoiselle Marie that she is truly and artist! Love her new paper dolls ~ too cute!!

  6. Your dolls are beautiful. I admire the art of doll making, it's something I would like to learn.Thanks so much for visiting me.

  7. Hi Marie + Edie,
    thank you for your comment on my post about the copper baking mould. It was really a very special experience to see the coppersmith.
    You have a charming blog with so creative ideas. Love your theater and paper dolls. And the inspirations with the lamp shades are ingenious.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  8. Your Baroque Theater Doll is exquisite, Marie Antoinette!! Really!!!

    Also, I like how your pink paper doll is holding a coke. You Funny!!!


  9. Such a beautiful hat...that's a lot of detail and work right there. I believe that the couple in question were caught while trying to escape in a carriage. So guess we'll have to go with a young couple in love...ahhh, better already.

  10. I've been here for a while listening to the music...just love #7 and hadn't heard it anywhere for so long. =D

  11. Hi Girls~~Marie, Oh your dolls are amazing. I just love it and all the paper dolls too. What a talent you are in all that you do. The details you add are amazing. I adore the HAT!!

    Lovely surprise gifts your received too. Thank you for stopping by while I was on vacation. We had a great time and back home now. Although I want to be back in Santa Fe. The temps were much cooler.

    Going back to view your shop visit Edie. It looks like fun.
    Love to you both, Celestina Marie

  12. *gasp* Your work is AMAZING! Such detail!! Wowzers!