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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR & the One Good Thing About the Aging Process

This Christmas my hubby and I gave 
each other a gift at the end of our
package opening. 

Hubby gave me a heavy box
medium sized... what on earth coul
it be?

Hubby said "You were with me when I 
bought it for you, you picked it out!" 
Oh dear, really? 

So I ripped off the paper, tore the 
box open to find... SURPRISE... 
a set of Amish Pyrex Mixing Bowls  
in aqua that we
 found at our New Uses store in 
Columbus and snatched up quickly. 
They were only $15 and had just been 
put out on the shelf. The antique mall 
was selling the same set for $60. 

 I LOVE them!

Next my hubby inspected his present. 
It was obviously a picture but of what? 
I didn't even remember. 
It was wrapped so well with vanilla paper 
that I just put my Christmas paper over 
top and called it "done"!

He tore off all the paper and to our 
surprise it was a Maxfield Parrish print 
that we found at the Heritage Antique Mall  
for a steal of a price this past summer,
purchased it, then tucked it away. 

 The Frog Prince by Maxfield Parrish

Our son and his darling wife were in 
stitches over what they had just witnessed! 

Hubby and I can now buy gifts for each other 
ahead of time and FORGET what it was 
we bought. That's the only advantage to 
the aging process I've come acrossed 
so far!!


& A BLESSED 2013




  1. LOL...LOL...I have tears! This is a hoot!
    Get your gifts probly won't even remember you have them.Thats OK...I won't tease you old folk anymore.
    Really! Hey your bowls are to die for and I love the print.Great gifts to be sure.Great post too.
    Happy New Year,
    Marie Antionette

  2. Love this and it's also why you can find Christmas gifts in March and April that you forgot to give in December, which has happened to me more than once. Doubling the joy is all good! Thanks for the chuckles. I love those bowls...good choice!

  3. So cute an observation!

    We "Getting Olden Folks" need all the "aging perks" observations we can come up with.

    Btw, I was sent over by Vee at "A Haven For Vee" blog.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. Hahah..oh boy, can I relate. I just found your blog and this post via A Haven for Vee, and have to say, it gave me the giggles. All this time I thought I was the only one who did silly things like this! LOL What's funny is I found a Christmas gift for someone today(still unwrapped), that I'd hidden for safe-keeping. Who knows what I'll find tomorrow. I like your perspective on all this, it helps to laugh a little!

  5. I hopped over to visit from 'Auntie sezzzz...'
    What a clever way to gift! I am loving your blog and will search for your 'follow' button! I'll be back!

  6. Hi Sherry, Oh my gosh this is too funny. You and Wes are adorable. I love your aqua bowls and the pic for Wes is awesome.
    Got your card and loved the story you shared. LOL
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment my friend. Wishing you girls a wonderful new year with many joys and blessings.

    Love you both, CM

  7. Hi Gorgeous! It's so nice to be visiting you again... my blog hiatus is over. And I think I'll enjoy a cup of coffee with some of my scones while I enjoy my visit here! I absolutely love those bowls! I love dishes anyway but can truly appreciate those retro style amish ones! Beautiful painting that you gave your man too - you guys did great this year with the gifties... and forgetting them... ha ha ha, that was funny! Lurve~ Janeen