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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


New Years Eve is a special time 
for Marie and myself. 

We both have traditions that have 
been handed down by our families
though the years. Let's take a look 
at them and see what they mean.

Marie's Family Tradition

On New Years Eve Marie 
takes a glass of water and gently 
breaks an egg into the water and 
leaves it over night. It's supposed 
to show you something wonderful 
on New Years Morning. 

And it does! Look very closely at 
what is in Marie's egg 
New Years morning...

Do you see her? She's there. 
Look with your heart. 

 There's an arched alcove at the top. Inside 
the alcove is a curved part that looks 
like a veil draped over a woman's head.
 Her face looks off to the left with
 praying hands under her chin. 
If you guessed the Virgin Mary you're right!
You can click on the picture to try to get 
a better look at it. Marie says it's quite 
well defined when looking up close 
through the glass.    

Amazing isn't it? What a blessing to receive 
on New Years Day. 

When Marie's brother was a boy he did the 
egg tradition. The next morning the egg had 
formed a perfect parachute. When he became 
an adult he was a Paratrooper in the Army and 
parachuted out of many a plane. He went on to 
be a Green Beret. 
Coincidence? You be the judge. 

Marie said there's always some kind of 
picture in the glass the next morning. 
Our friend Cheryle had a perfect stingray 
in her glass this year on New Years morning!  

Sherry's Family Tradition
 An old Dutch German tradition in my 
family is to set silver coins outside on  
New Years Eve and bring them in on 
New Years Day as a symbol of bringing 
prosperity into the home for the New Year.
My Grandmother taught us the custom 
which she learned from her parents. 

One year our oldest son had just come 
home from work on New Years Eve shortly 
before the count down on Dick Clark's show. 
The count down started as we were chatting 
to him. All of a sudden I panicked and yelled 
" We forgot to put the coins outside!!!" 

Our son happened to be standing by the back 
door. He reached in his pocket and grabbed 
a handful of change, opened the back door, 
and gave the coins a good sling outside

Just then the clock struck midnight. 
We made it under the wire thanks to our son! 

The next summer my dear hubby was finding 
coins in the herb garden, the flower beds 
and in the lawn for quite a while! 

So we try to be sure to put our coins out 
ahead of time now. 

Hope you liked our unusual traditions! 
Please let us know if you have any 
traditions for New Years Eve in your family. 

Blessings to all of you til next time!
Marie & Sherry


  1. I always laugh Sherry, when I hear the coin throw...LOL..I can just picyure that scene in my head. Great post Sis!!! I do believe we will get some chuckles.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Hello sweet ladies... loved hearing about your New Years traditions!... my only tradition for New Years is to make a wish for the coming year... a wish for health and happiness for all... love you girls!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I was here earlier with the iPad. Ahem...things didn't go so well...perhaps I was laughing too much about the choice of graphics to tell Sherri's story. So cute! When was the last time you found some silver in the garden?

    I don't see the image for Marie, but if you both do, who am I to mess with that. I do see a giraffe with very long legs and neck.

  4. These are both lovely traditions.

    No, we don't have any New Year's Traditions. Not even that eating some sort of particular vegetable on New Year's Day. :-)

    I love that leaving an egg out. Even if it's not New Year's any more, I want to try doing it! To see what sort of random "view" I'll find, in the morning. What a Photo Op!!! :-)

  5. Hello Marie,

    These are very interesting traditions.


  6. Awe I lurve both of these traditions! Going to have to try the eye in the glass too, that sounds like fun. ~ I was laughing so hard when I read the coin throw into the yard.... haha oh my cheeks hurt, just hilarious! My family and I don't have a New Years Eve tradition but I'm thinking after reading this, we may be doing that this year! Lurve you Ladies and thank you for sharing

  7. Hi Sherry and Marie,
    This was so fun to read about your famiy traditions. I love these and would like to try them too. The glass with the egg is imcredible. And I love the story of the coins outside.
    Our tradition is more on New Year's Day cooking black eyed peas to go with our dinner. It is made and eaten to have a good year ahead.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful traditions.

    Stay warm girls!! It is bitter cold here and we had snow today. More for Thursday coming.
    Great time to create.
    Love you both, Celestina Marie

  8. Thanks for the nice comment on my "Bunting Tutorial". I haven't blogged in ages, but I'm thinking of getting back to it a bit, if only to shut it down properly. We are downsizing and moving away from our oak trees, so the name will no longer be appropriate. Please check back; maybe you'll want to buy something.