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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PRINCESSE PROTEGER de le PAON (Princess Protector of the Peacock)

Her Royal Princess Protector of the Peacock 
lives in a land unheard of by man. 
It's a place that looks like, do we dare say, 
paradise? A little Garden of Eden only known 
to a select few that guard the safety of 
the Royal White Peacocks.    

The peacocks love the Princess and 
come to visit her in her chambers. 

 She dresses all in white. 
She loves the purity of the white 
peacock feathers that display 
such incredible beauty. 

 Her favorite peacock perches on 
a golden birdcage and recognizes 
that he is uncaged and free from 
man's greed and cruelty. 

The young peacocks even light upon her 
chapeau to be close to her kindness. 
She does not mind. 

Farewell sweet Princess until we meet again 
someday in a place where our spirits and 
God's creations will roam free.


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Til we meet again, 
Marie & Sherry 


  1. Dear Marie,

    The photos do not do your Theater Dolls justice! They are so much more beautiful than a photo can capture.

    I cherish the doll I have made by you! It has become a family treasure.

    Hope you like your post my dear friend!

    Loves you, Sherry

  2. So very elegant... I really enjoyed "the story" as well.

  3. Hello Marie,

    Love this theater! The photo with the lights on is magical. How are you?


  4. Well...LOL...I was quite surprised. Sherry I may have made this doll.but you Dearest made the doll sooo wonderful.We both giggled so much yesterday trying to come up with a name.Ladies,you should have heard us. Sherry is so amazing.I really did not know she even posted today.I'm so thrilled. The story is super fabulous.Thank you so much.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  5. Hello ladies... oh my goodness, the Princess is just stunning!... I love how beautiful she is and that she is the protector of Peacocks... each and every tiny detail is just amazing!... and of course I especially love her because YOU created her dear Marie!... thank you for sharing... just a beautiful post!... much love to you both, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Oh my wowzer!!! Marie, you just keep making each one more stunning...impossible! I thought of you the other day while I was out treasure hunting and saw a beautiful peacock pillow. :) xo

  7. Le Wow! She is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I lurve how you included the chandelier too! That is going to get snapped up quick in your Etsy! Have a lovely day ladies!

  8. Dear Marie and Sherry, What an incredible post about the most gorgeous theater doll and the protector of the peacocks. Marie you have truly outdone yourself with this beauty and the details are stunning. Sherry you tell the story so well and so charming. I don't think your doll will last long in your shop Marie. Once again your creativity and talent is outstanding.

    Love to you both.
    Celestina Marie

    p.s. Happy Birthday Sherry!!

  9. Hello, Marie
    Your dolls are so gorgeous! And thank you for coming to my blog after reading my comment on your Etsy site. I made a couple of Maire Antoinette pillows last year, one for a giveaway, and one for a friend. It was so much fun using vintage lace, buttons, and a fabric photo illustration of Marie Antoinette, embellished with luscious trim and ribbon.
    I hope to make more pillows this year and again give them as giveaways gifts.
    Hope you are both having a lovely beginning for 2013!
    Teresa in California
    I have been a follower of your blog for a while!