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Friday, February 15, 2013

Too Many Bracelets!

Is it possible to have too many 
NO, of course not! 
But I have quite a few "favorite" 
bracelets... so let's see what we 
can do with some things I pulled 
off of my shelves. Things you save and 
say 100 times "what did I save this for" 
before you actually find a use for it!

So here's what I found. 
- Scrapbook paper
- Thin dowel type rod
- Sturdy paper tube
- Candy cup papers
- A square wood piece for door molding 
- Lots of old vintage jewelr
(These pieces had stones missing 
and other issues that made them 
perfect for this project.)   

- I painted the wood piece white 
& antiqued it a bit.     
- Then decoupaged the black & white 
toile paper to the base.   
- When the base is dry if you take 
a nail file and use it on the edges 
of the wood it gives it a great look.  

-  I drilled a hole in the center of 
the tube and in the center of the 
square wood piece, then glued the 
tube and wood piece to the dowel
Let your glue dry well.     

- Add a complimentary scrapbook 
paper to the tube, gluing in place. 

- I glued a candy paper cup in 
the open ends of the tube. 
(Not really necessary but I felt 
like closing the ends.)   

 - Then start adding some BLING!
I used a hot glue gun for this. 
I added some jewelry pieces aroun
the base of the dowel to give it 
extra strength.   

I found 2 large round brooches 
that were the perfect size for the 
bling at the ends of the tube.   

I like it! A lot!

The other end piece was acutally 
a hair clip that I found at Kohl's 
in their clearance items for 
about $2 at the most. 
Woo-Hoo! Love a bargain! 

There was a broken bracelet in my 
Mom's old jewelry box that had a missing 
piece as you can see, but was perfect for 
the curve in the base. And I was so happy 
to put this lovely old bracelet to good use.

One of my Mom's favorite earrings. 
Too worn to be worn any longer but 
a nice tribute to my Mom, none the 
less. I remember her wearing these 
earrings to all my grade school functions, 
to church, to parties, etc. A nice memory 
to add to the menagerie of items

A bit of black ribbon for some 
black tie class!

A single earring from my Grandma's 
jewelry that has no mate is perfect 
dangling on the dowel, finished off 
by the black tie.
More bling! 
Because Bling is a GOOD Thing!! 

 There you have it... 
a great use for those special 
unwearable jewelry pieces you 
have stashed away.  

Let's fill her up... 
wait a minute - I should have used 
a paper towel size tube! 

Hope you enjoyed having a 
bit of sparkle thrown 
your way today! 

Blessings & happiness to all of you!

Sherry & Marie


  1. Hi Sherry, WOW!! this is outstanding. I love it and how fabulous the steps you took to create such a beauty and useful piece. How special to honor your mother by adding her vintage jewel pieces to embellish. Love how your bracelets look here. The black and white is fabulous.
    You are so talented and everything your create is awesome.

    Thank you for stopping by and the sweet comment. Got your darling Valentine card and love it. Once again you create something so special. Thank you for sharing the idea and inspiration. I may have to try this for my bracelets.

    Hi Marie, hope this finds you ready to enjoy a great weekend. Thank you for the cards. Oh how I love them!!

    Love your girls, Celestina Marie

  2. A wonderful memory piece and a great way to display the treasures. You are so clever!

  3. Sherry,Celeste said it all!!! Awesome!!! And a fab tutorial.I bet alot of ladies are going to want to make one.Love you Dearest!!!
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  4. Hi Sherry and Marie Antionette,

    How fabulous and such a great idea - to display your pretty bangles. Lovely that you can look at all the pretty jewels from your Mum and Grandmas collection and have them out so you can admire them.

    Happy weekend

  5. Mes amies, Sherry et Marie Antoinette!

    You are and always will be a brilliant crafter/artist. You always find a need, fill it and go beyond by making such a glorious work of art!

    Sherry,it was so lovely to see your comment this morning! Thank you for kindly popping in and I am thrilled to hear how much fun you are having with Golden Pond! What a good move that was for you. I just remember the photos from a while back on your lovely new digs and now, I can only imagine that your touch is making it even more special. Much love to both of you! BISOUS, Anita

  6. OH my heavens always know how to make the ordinary things into works of art!! That is just too cute ~ we should make a few to display bracelets at the store :) Hoping that you and Marie had a lovely Valentine's Day as well....hard to believe it's over already and now we are bringing out SPRING!
    Wishing you both a lovely weekend!!!!

  7. Hi Girls!
    Wow, what a great and creative idea". I have also painted up an old cup holder form my large collection of bracelets.

    Sherry thanks so much for your sweet comments. Sound like we are doing the same typeof nesting during the winter so we can enjoy our warmer days.

    Stay warm and cant wait to see what you have been up too, i am hoping we will get to see?

    Big hugs to you both!

  8. Sherry, that is sooo fabulous!... I just love it, and all of the precious memories it holds for you as well as your jewelry... you are so clever!... and dear Marie, thank you so much for the Valentine card... sorry, I did not mail any out this year... I am still dragging from that darn flu I had and just can't seem to get going again... much love to you both, xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Hi Sherry! OH, you are the smartest one! What a great idea!
    Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Le Wow! You are so clever, I lurve it!