Welcome to our Team Blog! Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie have joined together to create a fun place to share our ideas and lives with all of you. We know that our teaming up has been confusing for some of you and we apologize. We will refer to ourselves as Marie Antoinette (the Doll Creator & maker of fabulous items) who lives in Peacock Paradise and Edie Marie (the creator of the posts and story telling on this blog & amateur crafter of many things in my "attic") who lives on Golden Pond. What great fun we have combining our forces!!

Thank you for stopping by to see what's happening in our studios in Peacock Paradise and on Golden Pond!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

They Say May Flowers Bring June Brides...

and they DO!

Here's a magnificent 
"June Bride"
by Marie Antoinette!

What a lovely creation.
She's holding her tiny bouquet
as she prepares to walk down 
the aisle to her beloved. 

Then the little theater reveals a 
glimpse of the bride and groom having 
their first dance. 

The  wedding cake awaits 
the traditional cutting of the cake 
as they dance under the arbor of roses. 

Note: This is one of Marie's past creations that 
sold on her Etsy. To see of her creations that 
are available for purchase hop on over to 
  Creations by Marie Antoinette Etsy. 

I wanted to create a special gift 
for Marie (which was supposed to be 
a 2012 Christmas gift, but you know 
how that story goes) and so I sent it to 
her as an EARLY birthday present, 2013!

It's a dimensional scene of Marie Antoinette. 

The initial "M" is done in french blue 
ribbon and adorned with silk rose buds.
Perfect for our sweet Marie's initial!

The lace of her skirt flows out  
from the pillow as her pink satin skirt 
billows as she moves about.

Marie carries some fresh roses 
that her son picked lovingly for her
and a birdcage that represents 
her love for wildlife. 

A fluffy fru-fru for the 
top of her head... 

and a beaded scallop for the lace 
portion of her skirt provide a 
bit of "Marie" detail. 
The pillow found a perfect location in the 
corner of Marie's swan fainting sofa! 
She looks very happy there. 

I had sent Marie another pillow that 
was adorned with an embroidered crown 
and sprinkled with sparkles. 
It lives in her favorite snugly chair 
waiting for her to cuddle up. 

The corner is completed with Marie's 
treasures and sweet little lamp. 

Is this gorgeous or what?!

But this picture wouldn't be complete 
without her favorite snuggle buddy...


and believe me she's a sweetheart!!
Marie loved her long awaited surprise.


I then received a surprise gift 
from Marie... 

a gorgeous Parisian fan! 

 Marie knows my heart and that 
it's in Paris half the time! LOL

 The shabby black rose tulle trim is 

and the vintage style keys dangling 
from the ribbons really finish it off. 

 But of course she had me at the sparkle!

She knows I'd love that sparkly edge.
Thanks Marie, I love it!!

Thanks for stopping by to see what 
we've created. 

We have so much fun surprising 
each other with little treasures!

Have a blessed week friends, 
Marie & Edie

 Thank you for your prayers for Linda! 
They are working and she's making 
great progress on her long journey.
She has had surgery to remove 
a tumor from her pancreas and 
so far it looks like she will be 
one of those rare survivors. 
A long recovery and more chemo 
make this a long road to travel and 
your prayers are appreciated so much!!
Also please remember Marie's grandson, 
Courtland, as he serves in the US Navy. 
All our servicemen and servicewomen 
need our prayers daily. Thank you!



  1. Sweet treasures you've each created and the very sweetest treasure? A dear and close friendship. There's nothing finer.

  2. You are so right Vee.
    sherry works very hard to make our blog a joy for us both.I give her all the credit. without her...there would be no blog.A team we will be.
    Great job Sherry,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  3. Great creations, indeed!! Especially love the Marie Antoinette pillow :)

  4. My dear, dear friends Sherry and Marie Antoinette! I AM SWOONING over that adorable Marie with the dancers under her skirt! WHAT A BRILLIANT WORK! Oh how happy I am to see you, to see your creativity, and to hear that Linda is doing well from her battle with the cancer.

    Thank you my dears for coming to visit me. KEEP CREATING what you love, for love is the reason we pursue anything, isn't it? There are also so many goodies that are inspired by Marie Antoinette and her iconic style! LOVE THE PILLOW and all the pretty ribbons. LOVE TO YOU BOTH! Anita

  5. Oh my! That pillow! How beautiful. Love the rosebuds on the "M" and the three dimensional Marie is amazing. Such exquisite work and a lovely post!

  6. You two....are perfect for each other! Love the details you both put into your handiwork! You are the sweetest girls :)

  7. I am always amazed at all of your beautiful creations and the lovely things you collect. I have a Lady of Shallot inspired bedroom. I wish you could walk through and give me ideas to make it even more special. I just made a romantic pillow out of vintage materials that I'm going to post tomorrow. I hope you'll stop by and give me your thoughts! Sweet hugs!

  8. Dear Marie Antoinette and Sherry,

    Love the beautiful work you have created for each other - everything is exquisite and you are both so talented.
    Thanks for sharing and was lovely to have a visit from you.
    Sending hugs and hope you are enjoying the week

  9. The wedding doll and the little theatre are so delightful. I wish I had them at Nel's wedding last September. I LOVE LOVE the Parisian fan. The black design on it and the black rose tulle add a special touch. It's so pretty. These are such wonderful creations.


  10. Oooh! What lovely creations. I really like the magic of the wedding Marie, with the story behind the curtains of her skirts, and those pillows are wonderful. What a lovely home they've gone to. The Paris fan is a really pretty piece, chic and sweet!

    Thank you for popping over to my blog and for your support. As a Marie artist, your support means a lot.

  11. Oh my goodness, so much pretty here!... Sherry, I love the Marie pillow you made for our girl!... it is so "her"!... and dear Marie, first off, I am sooo sorry you got stung by that nasty wasp!!!... I do hope you are feeling (and seeing) better now... that is just awful!... loved seeing your bridal theatre doll... sigh... and the Paris fan you created for Sherry... oooh la la!... and of course sweet Hobie!... I love you Hobie girl!... much love to you all, xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Wow, your work is lovely! Very unique. I love Marie Antoinette, too.

  13. That pillow is amazing. I love the "M" you made with the blue ribbon.

  14. Wow, you and Marie are so creative! I’m in love with Marie Antoinette on the pillow, beautiful work. Here dress cascading out and down onto the pillow is a work of art as is the beautiful fan. You two make an amazing and creative team. You have a fabulous blog..........

    Happy weekend.
    The French Hutch

  15. I am so glad you commented this morning, I am full of peacock questions but cannot find your email?

  16. Thank you for coming to visit my blog! Mary Oliver is an amazing poet, isn't she ... Your art work is truly unique and I love your contagious enthusiasm! Enjoy the abundance of Summer!

  17. Wow, so much romance and prettienss in this post! Your dolls are so beautiful!

  18. Stunning details! You're so talented! Happy Monday!

  19. Beautiful creations from both of you!

  20. Hermoso y delicado .
    reunes tanto encanto en lo que haces!!

    Un fuerte abrazo !!!

  21. Love the crown jeweled pillow and that Paris fan!!! What fun creations. Hope you are enjoying your summer and thanks for stopping by recently.


  22. Thoughts and prayers to Marie as she continues her treatment and recovery. My mom fought a short, but triumphant, battle against bile duct cancer this winter and is currently cancer free. Miracles do happen, especially with today's medical advances and treatments.

    Thanks for stopping by my posts on Vignette Design Series and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it.

    Happy 4th of July...