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Monday, March 3, 2014



 MARCH 4, 2014

Who better than Marie Antoinette who 
grew up in New Orleans to give us some 
lessons on this famous flamboyant holiday!

 So join us for some fun, beauty and 
celebration of a holiday that dates 
back thousands of years! 


Mardi Gras was a LOT different when I 
was a kid growing up in New Orleans - 
it was a family event. 

Here's a photo of me, my Dad and one of 
my brothers dressed for Mardi Gras.

I'm dressed as a Lady in Waiting. My dad 
and my brother are dressed up as pirates. 
Arrrrrr matey!  
We had lots of Mardi Gras celebrations 
with family & friends back then. My 
brothers & I were always amazed and 
thrilled by the incredible floats and costumes 
in the parades. Gorgeous colors, incredible 
masks, dancing, singing, crowds of people - 
so many wonderful memories! 

 I grew up in New Orleans for years and 
loved being with my Dad for all 
the fun & festivities for years. 

Then after I married, my hubby and I 
would watch the parades from 
the balcony of Big Easy.

 Hubby took this photo from 
that balcony. "Hi y'all!"

This giant Frankenstein made 
me look like a little 

Here's a picture of me and 
the LAW!! LOL
(Isn't Marie absolutely adorable in these pics??)


 Mardi Gras is a Christian holiday 
and a popular cultural phenomenon. 
The holiday dates back thousands of years.
In French, "Mardi Gras" literally means 
"Fat Tuesday", so named because it falls 
on the day before Ash Wednesday, the last 
day prior to Lent... a 40-day season of prayer 
and fasting observed by the Roman Catholic 
Church and many other Christian 
denominations, which ends on Easter Sunday.
 Also known as "Carnival", Mardi Gras is 
celebrated in many countries around the 
world. Brazil, Venice and New Orleans 
play host to some of the holiday's most 
famous public festivities, drawing thousands 
of tourists and revelers every year.



  1. Hi Girls, what a fantastic post for Fat Tuesday!! I love reading all the history and seeing these wonderful pics. Marie you are too cute in all the pics with that gorgeous smile. Edie I love seeing you learn to eat crawfish. Great pic of you when you visited our Marie.
    The masks are gorgeous. I enjoy seeing so many different versions and also the ideas to make our own.
    Delicious King Cake and thank you for sharing the sites for directions.
    The parades, balls and parties are so much fun in celebration of the weeks to come before lent.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post filled with excitement and great history too.

    Enjoy the day girls!!
    Laissez les bon temps roulez!
    Blessings and Hugs!!

  2. Thank you Edie Marie for another most wonderful post.
    You did such an outstanding job. And I never get tired looking at you sucking that crawfish...what a hoot...Really ya'll...She can eat them faster than my hubby...LOL...Can't wait till you come down here again.
    May God bless and keep you safe this day and forever,
    Marie Antoinette

  3. Superb images - great post!

    Hope the weather's less cold for you now, though.

    Thanks for visiting - hope you're having a lovely week!

  4. Love those photo's of you! Thank you for sharing the history of the Mardi Gras! I was in New Orleans once when I was about 10 but I'd love to go as an adult...someday!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. As for the Pinterest hacking, no I didn't have any pop ups prior to being hacked. Everything seemed normal! I logged in the next morning and there was a big message at the top that I was in "safe mode" due to my account being "compromised". It led me through some directions on how to change my password and advised me to check my board and see if I found any new boards had been made. Sure enough, the hackers had added a board called "Skin Care" which is probably where they intended to start spamming their products. I deleted it and my board seems fine now. Crazy how these people can get into our stuff though!!!

  5. Hello girls,
    What a lesson in History! Love it. Those photos of Marie are so cute! I just bought my King cake this morning.
    Thanks so much for such a wonderful post and Happy Mardi Gras!

  6. Hello ladies,
    What a fabulous Mardi Gras post. And I can relate to it so much with Nel and Jess just doing their post today too. You look so cute in these pictures, Marie, and I love the one of your dad and brother. Wow, you grew up in New Orleans? How fabulous is that? I loved reading the history of Mardi Gras, and being Catholic myself, I was a bit familiar with it. The King cake looks delicious, and I see that you have frosting on yours......YUMMY! I love all the masks and the wonderful colors of purple, green, and gold. Picture number 9 is so beautiful.

    Thank you for inviting me to join in the celebration, and your post of Fat Tuesday is a fabulous one!


  7. Wow, you ladies went all out! I love seeing all of the photos and those Mardi Gras masks. You look darling in the pictures.
    What a treat! I have never been to New Orleans. Such a wonderful celebration. I hope you an get the domain name of your choice. Be sure to check out my Mardi Gras table the previous post. xoxo

  8. What a party!! I have always wanted to come to NO especially at Mardi Gras. Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the history. We celebrate Mardi Gras in Nevada City, which is the small town next to ours. Big parade, dancing and lots of drinking and raucous behavior. It's just fun to go and watch. Some crazies out there!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. What a fun collorful pretty post !!!..i love to see are looking great !!!...lovely !

  10. Such a fun and colourful holiday!! I looks great!! We din t have it here, though, but it would be so cool if we did!!

  11. Oh how I LOVED this post Marie and Sherrie!... and dear Marie, I still have my Mardi Gras beads and mask you sent me, they are out for the celebration!... love hearing all of the history behind Mardi Gras, what a celebration!... dear Marie, you look adorable all dressed up!... my sister did a huge celebration last night, with crawfish and everything!... love to you both, xoxo Julie Marie PS for some reason your posts are still not coming through my dashboard!... I just have to keep checking for them...

  12. This was so fun to read about. I think most of us just hear about the flashing. I was actually there during Mardi Gras one year for my husband's work. The food was fantastic. I had never heard about the masquerades.
    The pictures of you were so cute!
    I learned a lot about St. Patrick's Day too for my blog I just posted. Kind of fun finding out how these traditions started.

  13. What fun you had growing up. I would have loved to dressed up every year for Mardi Gras
    I knew it had to do with fat Tuesday before Lent however never did figure out all the parties that went with it.
    My little Marie Antoinette lamp figures did sell at the indoor sale I attended
    Thanks for visiting me and telling all about this wonderful day Mardi Gras

  14. What a fun post ladies! I have never been to a Mardi Gras, but it looks like such fun!! I love all the beautiful colors...Marie, you look simply adorable!

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such kind words.. I am so happy you enjoyed.

  15. Oh girls!! Where were you last week as we got ready for our Mardi Gras annual party? LOL! This is the 4th year that we've done one at Karla's house....Karrie always decorates the front door and it's always "Go BIG or Go Home" so you'd be so proud of us Marie :) We've ALWAYS loved NOLA...only was there once and it wasn't for Mardi Gras...but it always has been a fond place for us! We'll have to send you two a few pictures of the's always fun to see the reaction of the people who hadn't come before....oh my....!! Well....if it's Mardi Gras you want to feel like you're truly in NOLA right?? Complete with Beads...LOADS of them, King Cake (loved the easy recipe Sherri!! we'll use that next year!), Gumbo and Dixieland Jazz...all night long :) Thanks for sharing your pictures Marie...makes us want to celebrate all over again!

  16. I AM FINALLY HERE for the party! Wow, what a busy morning, afternoon and now evening! Marie and Edie Marie, you are such wonderful party gals; I LOVE Mardi Gras and those crowns.....OH DEAR, I need to make myself one!

    Thank you for these lovely photos that teach me more about who you are. The French background, the festivities; it is all beautiful. Much love to you both, and thank you for visiting! Anita

  17. Attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans is on my bucket list for sure. This was such a great post to read about all the history and traditions.

    Victoria x
    HTML Link to blog

  18. Wow, so amazing all the things you've put together here! Tha post is almost like a book to read. Vive le mardi gras - et vive Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie! Hope you girls are having a marvellos time and sending you hugs!

  19. WOW!! what a lot of info and photos .... thanks for all the goodies!!

  20. And here I thought it was just an excuse to party! What an interesting history, who would have thought it started as a Christian Holiday. Very Interesting!

  21. Awesome post ladies! I would love to go to Mardi Gras to see the parades in the neighborhoods. Great pictures too Marie!

  22. girls certainly know how to have fun! I learned so much about Mardi Gras in this wonderful, fact filled post...I just had no idea of it's history, all those fun traditions revolving around it. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures as well. Thank you's always so much fun visiting here!!! xoxo