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Thursday, March 13, 2014


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Ah yes... let's talk a bit about the 
"Luck of the Irish".
History of St Patrick
It all starts here...
with St Patrick of course!

 Saint Patrick depicted in a stained glass window 
at Saint Benin's Church, Ireland.

Information from Wikipedia 
 Little is known of Patrick's early life, though 
it is known that he was born in Roman 
Britain in the 4th century, into a wealthy 
family. His father was a deacon and his 
grandfather was a priest in the Christian 
church. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped 
by Irish raiders and taken captive to 
Ireland as a slave. 
(my own note - My dear hubby's grandfather 
was living in Scotland as a boy. He was taken 
by Irish raiders also and was forced to work 
as a slave. A common occurrence even in 
the 17th century. )

It is believed he was held somewhere on the 
west coast of Ireland, possibly Mayo, 
but the exact location is unknown. According 
to his Confession, he was told by God in a 
dream to flee from captivity to the coast, 
where he would board a ship and return to 
Britain. Upon returning, he quickly joined 
the Church in Auxerre in Gaul and studied 
to be a priest.  

According to legend, Saint Patrick used 
the three-leaved shamrock to explain 
the Holy Trinity to Irish Pagans. 

In 432, he again said that he was called 
back to Ireland, though as a bishop to 
Christianise the Irish from their 
native polytsheism. It was then that 
he used the shamrock and it's 3 leaves 
to teach of the Trinity. 
After nearly 30 yrs of evangelism, he died 
on March 17, 461, and according to 
tradition, was buried at Downpatrick. 
Patrick endured as the principal champion 
of Irish Christianity and is held in esteem 
in the Irish church.

Originally, the color associated with Saint 
Patrick was blue. That's right... BLUE
Over the years the color green and its 
association with Saint Patrick's Day grew. 
Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn in 
celebration of St Patrick's Day as early as 
the 17th century.  This was mainly because of 
Patrick's use of the shamrock in expaining 
the Holy Trinity. The phrase "The Wearing of the 
Green", meaning to wear a shamrock on 
one's clothing, derives from a song of the 
same name. 

Here's a great version of 
"The Wearing Of The Green" 
sung by Judy Garland from 1940. 

It's a sad song but historically correct. 
And nobody can sing it better than Judy!

Vintage Postcards

Erin go Bragh 
(Ireland Forever)

The Emerald Isle of Erin 
(Ireland - the term was first used by 
Dr. Drennan in the poem called Erin. 
it refers to the bright green verdure of 
 the island.)

The Harp of Erin 
  (The Central United Irish emblem was 
a harp with a forepillar of a winged woman. 
This emblem was generally referred to in 
the 1790s as the harp of Erin and later the 
Angel Harp. )

There's a dear little plant on Emerald's Isle
And I've culled a bunch that Fortune may smile. 
(Someone added "on you".) 
This one's for Marie... I know she'll love this postcard!

You can celebrate St Patrick's Day 
by decorating with shamrocks!
~ Door Decor ~

 Take a look at all the door 
decor designs on Pinterest @ 
Door Decor.

 ~ Banners ~

Stop by the 
for a look at the blog 
post this was found on.

Here's another fabulous banner 
for St Patty's Day... 

I love the shamrock made with 
strips of paper! 
You can see this @ 

~ Shamrocks ~

Here's a more complex shamrock 
made with paper strips.

This one is from Pinterest @
Celebrity Cafe

~ Pretty Party Items ~
How about some adorable 
Shamrocks for your beverage straws 
or for gift tags?!

You can find information on 
these little cuties @ 

Now that's how you decorate and 
celebrate on a budget! 
 With paper!!  

~ Our Wish for You ~

By the way,
here's a bit o' advise .
If you go to Ireland,
(We understand you may make an 
Irishman laugh if you do. Don't ask.)

Lots O' Love, 
Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

More Irish Tradition Info: StPatricksDayHistory
Collaboration: Marie &amp: Edie
Written by: Edie Marie
History Info: Wikipedia
Vintage Postcards: Google
Other Images: Pinterest w links 
Never Ever Kissing the Blarney Stone: Marie & Edie!! 

We LOVE to hear from YOU!! 


  1. I just love Judy Garland.
    That song is so beautiful. A gorgeous post Me Dear...LOL.. Some very cool info and by the way I'm saving the lady who looks like Marie A. I'll be making a paper doll for you and me with her...LOL.
    Top of the Morning Dahling,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day coming soon my friends. Love this post and being Irish I love all the history.
    Darling Irish graphics you share.
    Your blog background looks perfect to celebrate the holiday.
    Wishing you both a great weekend and
    ERIN GO BRAGH (Ireland Forever)

    Hugs and Blessings!

  3. I had never heard this song. How lovely. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend!

  4. Bonjour vous deux! You know, I don't have a drop of Irish blood in my Spanish veins, (well, ya never know, with the Armada and all that!) but I can so relate to the music and culture, the language and the people of Ireland. There is a longing in the art and music that speaks to my being! And that it all started out with BLUE is interesting. Blue and green, the colors of the earth? Why not. Both represent new life to me, and let us ENJOY the fact that spring IS coming! We too get more snow today, but we'll make it, won't we! Thank you so kindly Edie Marie, for coming to visit with me! I am thrilled to finally be published in a magazine, and now I will be contributing writer as well. The style of the magazine is going to vary, giving readers a diverse palate of styles. Do look into it if you wish! Bisous mes amies, Anita

  5. Wow! Great info and pictures! yes I knew St Patrick was captured, but your husbands grandfather? I just remember my grandmother (county cork) talking about the "banchee's", haha, Have a great day! Celeste

  6. What lovely images and I love the Green Marie! I'm going to have to investigate these 18th century Irish pirates. I feel a novel coming on! Thank you for popping over to my doll blog and leaving such a lovely comment!

  7. So glad you came for St. Patty's Day! Great post.