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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Make a Wish...

I had a great Valentines Day. 
It became extra special when the 
mailman left a big package at 
my front door! 

Inside was this FABULOUS candelabra 
that Marie sent to me for my birthday!

Talk about perfect... it looks so   
incredible with my decor. 

And look at this sweet Birthday Card 
she made for me... 

not to mention this lovely Valentine Card. 

I think she's a genius! 

I KNOW she's a genius!! 

Look at how pretty this 
is on my dining room table. 

    I love decorating with some spring 
touches when the weather is cold 
and blustery outside. It shouts 
"There WILL be a spring!"  

I've added some pink cherry blossoms 
to my tall birdcage... 

and placed my darling crown votive on 
the silver tray with it.
(A Christmas gift from Marie.) 

And I have to show you the beautiful 
Paper Doll Angel that Marie made for me. 
Isn't she the sweetest ever?! 

Thanks Marie for making my 
birthday so special! You make me 
feel like a princess! 

Love & Blessings, 
Edie Marie 

You can find Marie's Paper Doll 
Creations on her Etsy Shop. 
Stop by to see them here
You'll be glad you did!! 


  1. Hi Sherry, The candelabra that Marie gave you is simply gorgeous! It looks perfect on your table and goes so nicely with your sconces in the background. She made the prettiest cards too and paper doll in February colors. She is one talented girl and like you said a genius!!
    Love your birdcage and the crown is just fabulous. Happy Birthday and I wish you the best year ever.

    Love to you both.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. Hi ladies! It's so nice to hear from you both! Marie is such a generous soul and what Marie sent you is beautiful! LOVE the cards too!

  3. Hi sweeties, I love the gift of the candelabra Marie gifted to you, and how special and pretty are her cards ;-) I love the sweet victorian style girl card she made its just gorgeous, very generous and thoughtful gifts from dear Marie...enjoy your new treasures....and Happy Belated Birthday sweetie.....


  4. Aren't friends the best? You're so blessed to have such a special friend. :) Her gifts are gorgeous, especially those homemade cards! I'm off to check out her Etsy shop!
    Take care!

  5. Marie's very talented! Love the cards and the paper doll. The candelabra is you, my dear! Hope that you gals are enjoying a wonderful 2015 to date. I don't know how much spring you're having...winter has been unusual.

  6. A very Happy Birthday to you Edie Marie! Oh what a beautiful gift Marie sent you!!! It goes so wonderfully with your lovely decor...and her cards are sooo pretty! She certainly knows how to make a birthday extra, extra special!!! Hugs and wishes for an amazing year ahead to both of you sweet girls!!! xoxo